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Take 20% off Domestic Doll Services: Domestic Relations
Thomas Larmer is stressed out not only at home, with an unruly college aged daughter and self important wife, but at his job as well. After his boss tips him off to how helpful a Domestic Doll can be, things quickly improve at home.

You can also take 50% off The District Nine Doll Adoption Agency if you are a Patron
In a futuristic world after a civil war crumbles the nation, the Sandersons, Brett and Missi, take a trip across their district to adopt another lifelike android Domestic Doll for their home. Mrs. Sanderson, pregnant, reminisces on their life and the choices they had to make to get to where they are at the moment.

October Coupons

Take 20% off The Doll House’s New Dolls
Since her sister Michelle had disappeared two weeks ago, Detective Lisa Jefferies had been on leave while she personally investigated what had happened to Michelle. The clues lead her to a sex trafficking case and a gentleman’s club called The Doll House, owned by the alluring Bella O’Shea. Miss O’Shea had helped with trafficking cases in the past, but all is not what it seems. The meeting between Bella and Detective Jefferies will reveal the truth about The Doll House’s new dolls.

You Could Also Take 50% off Independent Female Syndrome, But You Need To Be A Patron!
After a long war that pushed women into the workforce, a new government works hard to reaffirm more traditional gender roles. Lucille Magyar became a nurse during the war and now struggles with Independent Female Syndrome, a serious disease that causes women to be defiant and unruly. After beginning therapy, Miss Magyar learns a cure has been developed.

New Release: The Romance & Submission Of Melissa Sanderson and Other BBW Erotica

This anthology collections three stories about Melissa Sanderson, a big, beautiful, busty, and deeply submissive, woman who loves, honors, and obeys her husband Brett. In “The Romance and Submission of Melissa Sanderson,” she figures out a technological means for overcoming her adverse feelings about anal sex. In “The District Nine Doll Adoption Agency,” after a civil war in the near future, Brett and Melissa go shopping for a cybernetic Domestic Doll to serve in their home. Finally, in “A Trip To District Six,” Melissa travels to a district where traditional gender roles are strongly enforced by technological means. She encounters someone while there who forces her to make a decision about the role of women in this new world.

All of these stories also explore sexual fantasies about pregnancy.

This anthology is an Amazon exclusive and also available on Kindle Unlimited.

New Release: Domestic Doll Services The Billionaire & The Bimbos

John Davidson, self made, in his own estimation at least, billionaire, is fed up with his current girlfriend, the vapid pop star Savannah Sweetness. Twice divorced already, her uppity attitudes have grown old and, bored with her, he turns his eye towards her college dropout, activist, daughter Melanie, who has just returned to the fold after being shamed out of her college after a falling out with the activist crowd. With the help of Domestic Doll Services, John is able to get the women in his life to see that their duty and purpose to is to be good, obedient, bimbos. This ebook also includes the bonus short story “Employee Reorientation.”

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New Release: Employee Reorientation & Other Erotic Flash Fiction

Employee Reorientation & Other Erotic Flash Fiction is a collection of 1,000-2,000 word erotic stories with BDSM themes. Included in this collection are the title story plus Stephanie’s Job Reorientation, The Sex Zombie Conspiracy, Love Falls Rejuvenation Spa, and Stephanie Becomes A Breeding Bimbo.

This story is an Amazon exclusive and is available on Kindle Unlimited as well!