New Release-Domestic Doll Services: Project Daffodil Rose

After a man purchases a Domestic Doll to help him deal with his loneliness, he must deal with the flood of emotions burdening his soul as he falls in love with the Domestic Doll while she also deals with the ramifications of her own past in DDS’ Daffodil Rose program.

This book is also available via Kindle Unlimited.

New Release: Space Academy Bimbofication Conspiracy

When Timothy Larmer returns from vacation to the planet his space academy is on, he immediately notices some odd changes around him. Men seem more authoritative, and women seem more submissive. Soon many are wearing fetishistic outfits. Upon arriving at his apartment, he finds his best friend Missy kneeling, naked, waiting for his command. Join Timothy as he unravels the space academy bimbofication conspiracy.

This story is also available via Kindle Unlimited.

New Release: The New Queen of the Drones

Yvette is a scout fresh out of the academy who is bullied by her squad. In the middle of a civil war in the near future, she is sent on a mission to figure out why a neutral village was now working for their enemy. While scouting the village, an enemy leader, enamored with her, makes it quite alluring for her to become the new Queen of the Drones.

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Commission Rules

I have reached a point where I need to lay out some rules for commissions…I will add more as I think of them…

1. Must be familiar with my writing. Which stories are your favorites? Are you comfortable with my writing quirks?

2. 2,000 words per month is my cap. I have other writing to worry about too and it allows us to discuss ideas as we go.

3. We need to talk it out beforehand.

4. Do not send me unsolicited porn! If you want me to see an example, I can do it myself.

5. Do not have inspiration be real people in your life that you send me info about. It’s a real violation of the writer to put them in that situation and makes me very uncomfortable.

New Release: The Shiny Leggings Conspiracy

Marissa Holgate begins college as her lifelong friend clique begins to strain. Of course, that happens at university sometimes, but something about the behavior of her friends, and their insistence of wearing a certain kind of very shiny leggings, seems off to her. When Marissa finds out the truth behind the shiny leggings conspiracy it will change not only her life, but the lives of every woman and man on Earth.

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New Release: Role Of A Lifetime

Natalie is a 29 year old actress who views turning 30 as a death sentence for her career. She is asked to audition for a new film with a megastar where she would play an obedient , domesticated, girlfriend. After meeting the star, she begins living out what will become the role of a lifetime.

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Weekly Update 7-8-21

This week I wrote 2,184 words for an unfinished story called The Space Academy Bimbofication Conspiracy. I forget what this was called previously, but it is a combination of three different unfinished stories that I merged together into one plot. It has another 5,000 to 10,000 words left to go most likely with an epilogue to tease a sequel.

A further update will be going out to Patrons with details about upcoming books from me.