New Release: Domestic Doll Fantasies

Melanie is thrilled when her new step father invites the beautiful coed and her best friend Lucille to Domestic Doll Fantasies, the newest adventure park created by Domestic Doll Services to cater to the whims of the populace. When Melanie and Lucille find out the dark truth behind DDF, their lives will never be the same.

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Out Now: Pregnant & Programmed Anthology

This anthology collects all of my stories that involve pregnancy fetishes including Independent Female Syndrome, Bimbo Baby Machine, A Trip To District Six, The Most Wonderful State For Females, Stephanie Becomes A Breeding Bimbo, Employee Reorientation, and The Romance & Submission of Melissa Sanderson.

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Out Now: The Flowers Of Submission

Madyson and her husband have moved to beautiful town his company created to house their employees. The intelligent career woman is eager to find new work and renew her career, but after a neighbor delivers an odd flower nothing will be the same for her ever again.

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This story is also available via Kindle Unlimited

Out Now: Domestic Doll Services “Year Two” Anthology

This anthology collects the second batch of Domestic Doll Services stories: Domestic Doll Soldiers, Becky’s Ballad, Ariel’s Selling Day, and The Billionaire and The Bimbos plus a bonus story!

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April Smashwords Coupons

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Mercedes Jaynes, fresh out of business school, applied and then interviewed for a position as the assistant director of the year old Love Falls Education Foundation. The LFEF is a place for young women to thrive, network, and gain experience in what the foundation refers to as “proper attitudes for success in modern society as a woman.” After her employee orientation, Miss Jaynes is quite knowledgeable about the goals of LFEF.

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Out Now: Love, Honor, & Obey A Spellbound Medieval Tale

In the middle ages, Trent has just finished his university education. After majoring in argument and magic, he leaves for the capital with one final piece of advice from his mentor: Find a wife before arriving in the capital. Trent sets out on the trail and finds an illiterate young woman who will change both of their fates as he teaches Cordelia important words like love, honor, and obey to prepare her for marriage to him.

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