Character Inspiration: Lauren Collins

There was no specific person who inspired Lauren other than the stereotypical mall goth meets “alternative model” (way before stupid sites like Suicide Girls) from the Internet. I just wanted to write about that archetype via EMC. Her assumptions and delusions of her own grandeur were something I wish I had spent more time exploring while writing True Love, but as a few years went by I lost interest in the character and, after a lot of consideration, she ended up with the fate she received.

Originally I had considerably different plans for Lauren. Sometime soon I will have a feature on here called “change of plans” where I will discuss some of the plot direction changes I have made over the years while planning stories.

As for the future, I can say I have penciled Lauren into a scene for a future Pleasure Bunnies story I am planning. Whether the reader will know it is her is something I have not decided yet.

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