Story Review: Mr. Fix It

Story Review: Mr. Fix It

Mr. Fix It by ohdamnitnotagain: There seems to be universal love for this story over on the forums, but I found the concept to be a lot better than the actual story. There are a handful of issues with grammar and mechanics…especially where tenses keeping changing back and forth between first and third. This improves as the story goes on. The plot, like I mentioned, is cool: a “fix it” man, who is a mage, comes in to “fix” women for males. Fair enough. But why do the men have to always turn the women in their lives to boring, overly made up (literally…), sluts. Why does the imagery have to so in line with puritanical views of what a “slut” is? Yawn.

The idea isn’t too bad though. In the hands of another writer this could have been a lot better. Still, the writer is new to the archive so hopefully they will improve with time.

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