Story Review(s)-Cotton & Cotton, Auto

Story Review(s)-Cotton & Cotton, Auto

Cotton & Cotton, Auto by 8 Bit-Both of these stories take place in the same universe. What works the best in this series is the plot: with all its twists and turns 8-Bit creates a vivid word that keeps me wanting to read more and more. The characters are wonderful as well, the protagonists, with their obvious influence from a certain television lesbian couple of a few years past, are very likeable and given very drawn out backgrounds and lives. The various morality issues brought up are engaging and definitely food for thought. I hope there is more to this series eventually.

2 thoughts on “Story Review(s)-Cotton & Cotton, Auto

  1. Whether or not anyone believes this, I hadn’t even seen Buffy when I wrote Cotton. I had been watching Firefly though, heavily, so maybe that accounts for the Whedony dialogue.

    At the time I’d been going through a bad patch in a number of ways, so the idea came into my head to write something uplifting, about two characters who were so in love that pretty much nothing could get in the way of that. I thought I was a genius for making them lesbians. Little did I know that the MC community is a font of actual lesbians. I assumed it was all straight men writing rape fantasies, so I thought I was doing something new.

    By the time I wrote Auto a year and a half later, I had seen Buffy, so I can’t say it wasn’t an influence then. But if it was, it wasn’t conscious.

    I’ve read it over, and as best I can tell, the resemblance is that they’re a) in love, b) call each other “Sweety”, and c) one of them is a redhead named Allison.

    I’ve made a conscious effort not to have characters call each other “Sweety” since then. I’ve even made an effort to reduce the funness of my dialogue. It’s a natural inclination though, so that’s difficult.

    Any other resemblance to Willow and Tara is in the mind of the reader.

  2. 8 Bit, thank you for your comment. I love your dialogue…it is very Whedony for sure, but also very well written nevertheless.

    I also thought I was doing some drastically different when I wrote my first story, True Love, involving FF. It seemed like back then, 1999ish, there weren’t a lot of FF stories yet…I seem to remember a big surge of them a few years later.

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