The Ballad of Becky D’arcy

The Ballad of Becky D’arcy

Something else I have been up to recently is publishing a number of short stories based in the Pleasure Bunnies universe. I do not know if I will ever write another full blown story in that universe, but I have collected a lot of odds and ends and half-written pieces over the years I thought are worth putting into an anthology. The first is The Ballad of Becky D’arcy, who originally appeared as Jessica Kanko’s BFF and fellow brainwashee in The Pleasure Bunnies. A few readers have suggested I write more about her, and I decided to examine her as a “bad luck” Bunnie who is never quite right for anyone. Her sadness and desire to belong really drove this story.

Tell me, what did you think of The Ballad of Becky D’arcy?

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