The Romance & Submission Of Kira Wetzel: Deleted Scene Two

For the second scene, I wanted to give Kira something to do at one point while I explored Robyn’s journey. A more domestic scene was the first that came to mind. I never really develped this one though. Enjoy.

After Benjamin finally left for practice, Kira idled for a few minutes around his bedroom. The redhead picked up a few books off the floor and placed them on his desk. Somehow, she knew that was what he would want. He also, the thought popped into her head, liked his bag on the side of the desk his laptop was not on.

Kira looked up at the small section of his closet that Benjamin had portioned for her to leave some things. There was a plastic bag and box sitting on a crate she had not noticed before. She grinned at the black maid uniform, bra, panties, and stockings she found in the bag. The box contained a pair of shiny black pumps.

A moment passed as Kira ran a nail over the fabric of the uniform. Benjamin and Kira were both pretty vanilla, but, still, Kira thought it would be fun to try on the uniform. She slipped into it, noticing it was quite snug, with a bra a little too small, in all the right places. The black stockings showed off her short legs and so did the black pumps.

A quick look at herself in the mirror showed Kira that she looked pretty sexy in the uniform, stockings, and heels. Benjamin was quite nice to get this for her. She noticed a spec in the mirror and wiped it with a manicured hand. An idea popped into her mind: It would be great if she cleaned Benjamin’s, and quickly becoming her, apartment! She could practice wearing heels so more and also feel pretty sexy for once.

Everything Benjamin did seemed to be to make her feel good about herself. She loved him so much. As she sprayed down his TV and wiped some dust off it, a calm passivity came over her. The clicking of her heels across the floor became hypnotic as she moved from room to room, making sure everything was perfect for Master’s return from practice.

When she was done, Kira slid off the pumps, laid them on the floor, and knelt to wait for him. Benjamin had texted her that he would be home soon. She waited quietly, contentedness on her face, waiting for the Master the redhead lived to obey.

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