The Romance & Submission Of Kira Wetzel: Deleted Scene Three

Kira left the nail salon after her weekly nail appointment. The salon was across the street from a larger mall, which was her next destination. Her first, and would turn out to be only, fall semester had ended the day before and now she had to do some holiday shopping before heading home to meet Benjamin, her lover and Master’s, family. She stopped in a bookstore to browse for some books the redhead would buy for him later in the day and also bought a few sweaters for her Master.

After leaving the mall, Kira put her bags in the back of her car and pressed the short tips of her nails against the car’s dashboard interface to toggle up an audiobook. Before she could pull away, her phone rang. Looking down at the fancy new phone that Mrs. Graham had supplied her, Kira squinted upon seeing the caller was her sister. “Hey?” Normally, she didn’t pick up her phone unless it was Benjamin, but her sister never called, which concerned her.

The girl immediately began speaking. “Um, Mom is acting weird? She has been listening to something on her phone all morning and, I thought she was just working at her laptop, but she has just been staring really intently while listening to something. It’s been like 30 minutes.”

Kira blinked. Oh. Oh. A long moment where the redhead panicked was replaced by calm as a plan “suddenly” popped into her mind. By this time, she had become used to subliminal programming sliding into her mind. A few seconds passed as she filtered the new information. Kira had to kill some time.

The red haired slave explained that it was an audio book (close enough) that Kira had wanted their mother to read. Mom had really been enjoying so much, she explained to her sister, that she had even texted Kira the other day.

This went on for a few minutes while her sister proclaimed that their mother never texted or read books. Kira listened and gave polite answers, boring of her sister. They had never been close. Would they be soon?

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