Academy Of Slayage Episode One: In The Beginning

In the summer of 2003, I began writing a series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer fanfics. I only wrote three “episodes” before a number of factors postponed work on them and then put it permanently on the shelf. I am going to post all three episodes, the unreleased forth, and then my notes from the rest. Enjoy!

Academy of Slayage
Series 1 Episode 1
In the Beginning

She needed to get away.

They had been following her for about an hour now. The chase had been methodical, almost as if they did not want to catch her right away. She had stumbled upon what was really happening to the girls who had denied their suitors or had decided to leave the town. The girl would disappear for a weekend, come back, and want to be married and have babies immediately. Every time one of them came back, the results seemed like coincidence until it had happened to her. She discovered the truth, the horrible truth, but they had discovered her as well. Now she had to escape and tell someone. Anyone.

She ran through the field trying to figure out if there were any caves where she could hide. Alas, she seemed to be stuck with nowhere to go. Then her luck ran out. A dead end. She stood in front of the wall, slowly turning around to see her followers make their way up to her. A man came forward who she recognized as a Bishop from America. The man came towards her, rubbing his graying beard with his right hand. “You thought you could evade us little girl, did you?” Out of his vest, he pulled a red gem. “This will only hurt for a moment dear, since you have already been indoctrinated.” With a few words shouted in Latin, the girl’s world suddenly turned blank as she, dopey eyed, walked towards the man standing at attention in front of him. Smiling, he walked around her, as if to inspect her. “You won’t be causing anymore trouble young lady; you’ll be a good girl from now on.” With her resistance no longer an issue, she was lead to their waiting van and back to the church.

Willow Rosenberg frowned as she stared out at the beautiful view her private quarters gave of the countryside.  The view was beautiful, but Willow was not feeling beautiful right now.  She was tired, sad, and just wanted to relax.  Sitting down to begin to write in her journal, Willow tried to sum up the past years events for future generations to read:

Tomorrow, after nearly a years worth of planning and work, the academy will open on the grounds of the castle in front of my own smaller castle.  For the first year, after Sunnydale imploded and The First was defeated, nearly everyone who had survived made his or her way to Cleveland to fight the Hellmouth there.  Cleveland, contrary to popular rumor does not quite rock hard.  Eventually one night Giles came and ran an idea by me which sounded too good to pass up.  We would go back to England and collect any of the Council’s remaining assets.  With the death of Wesley, Giles and Dobson were the only surviving members left, thus; they were the heirs of the remaining funds.  Turned out the council had quite a nest egg hidden in a few easily hacked into Swiss accounts.  We purchased the castles and surrounding six thousand acres right then.  A few days after, another check came in which we are supposed to pretend we do not know was from Angel.  Angel’s donation was enough to start collecting books to rebuild the Watcher’s archives.  Luckily, Giles also had a back up collection in his flat here in England.  We then went our separate ways again, Giles and I going back to Cleveland to discuss our decision with everyone.

After telling everyone our plan, the vote was unanimous, we would move most of those in Cleveland to England, leaving behind a small group to deal with the Hellmouth there.  Principal Wood, Rona, Xander, Andrew, and a group of Slayers would remain.  The rest of us split up, some going home to see family, others coming to England with Giles and I to start planning.  Every so often one of us would relieve someone in Cleveland to allow them to get away for a while also.

What we now call the Alpha Team of Slayers joined Faith on a trip around the world, fighting any evil they came across.  They will be here tomorrow morning.  I am excited to see them, especially Faith.  As time has gone on, we have grown closer and really patched up things.

One night I came in from a date with Kennedy to find a note on my bed from Buffy.  The note simply said she needed to go away for a while to grow up, and just be a normal young woman.  I understood her plight; she had been through too much in the past eight years with us.  Dawn left to go stay with some friends in Seattle a few weeks later.  She said she needed to clear her head and get away from everything for a while.

We have a few new friends also.  A young witch named Lilac, who I met through the Coven, has joined us to help me teach Magic.  The first time I was in England after I went all grr bad she was of great help to my recovery.  She also served as a great pillow for me to cry all over.  I am glad she is here with us.

Before Willow could finish, two hands came up and wrapped themselves tightly around her body.  Kennedy had just come out of the shower and now had her naked body wrapped tightly around Willow.  She put her face against the side of Willow’s and whispered to her, “I just got out of the shower, and I kind of can’t find my clothes.”  They snuggled tightly for a moment before Kennedy mockingly pouted, “Can I snuggle with you?”

Willow forced a smile, not really wanting to be touched right now but going along for the ride for Kennedy’s sake.  They embraced for a few minutes quietly, Kennedy stroking Willow’s hair while Willow buried her head into her naked chest.  Kennedy looked down and saw the journal Willow had been writing in on the floor.  “What’s in the notebook?”

Willow looked up and sighed quietly. “The journal I am going to keep of the beginnings of the academy.  I figure some Scoobies a few hundred years from now might want some insight into our beginnings.”

Kennedy pulled out of the embrace and jumped up quickly, her breasts bouncing up and down gently as she leaned back on the balls of her feet.  “Wow, yeah, tomorrow is the big day.”  She paused as Willow got up, smiling at the red head.  “You’re going to be head Mistress….”  She trailed off for a moment as she slid down to her knees and looked up-

“But you’ve always been my Mistress.”

Dawn Summers closed her eyes for a moment as sat back in the chair she was sitting in.  Dawn and her significant other were flying to England to join everyone else who was convening at the academy.  After many discussions with Giles and then with Angel out in LA, she had decided she would be one of the first of the new breed of Watchers.  Her lover was going to be joining them as well to study Magic.  As Dawn looked around Newark International Airport at all the people, she thought about what a fascinating year she had just experienced, ending up in Seattle and all.  She had fallen in love and grown up.  It was funny to her how little the people around her knew of where she was going and what she would be doing there.  Before she could finish these thoughts, the one she was in madly in love with came out of the bathroom and smiled at her.  Kit Holburn took her hand and headed towards the plane.

Willow feigned a smile as she looked down at her lover.  She had tired of these kinds of games, but they made Kennedy happy so she always played along.  Part of why Willow kept her distance from her at times was Kennedy treated her like a Goddess, or a Mistress; or at times a bit of both.  Sure games like these were sexy, she and Tara had never played…never got the chance…

Kennedy looked up at her lovingly and smiled, leaning her breasts forward.  “Mistress, may I touch You?”

Willow looked down at the girl and nodded, unzipping her black pants.  Kennedy eagerly leaned forward, slid her Owner’s purple panties to the floor, and started to lick.  As Kennedy stimulated the hood of Willow’s clit, all Willow could think about was how pointless all of Kennedy’s lusting felt.  She felt empty as her hands ran over Kennedy’s hair gently, going through the motions.  Suddenly she stammered in pleasure as Kennedy rolled her tongue around broadly.  After all, Kennedy was good at going down on her.  All the practice on those innocent girls she corrupted at boarding school Willow presumed.  Tara never had been great at oral sex, their relationship had been more hugs and kisses and hand holding.  Really, they should be in bed anyhow.  They had a big day ahead of them after all.  Her lover slid two fingers inside of her, moving them around slowly.  Willow had to admit she felt good right now; she needed the release badly.  Kennedy pulled them out and leaned her face back in, her tongue beginning to stroke and tease at the Witch’s hood gently before her lips pressed down sending bolts of pleasure all through her lover’s body.  Kennedy started muttering about pleasing her Goddess and things of the like when she buried her face inside Willow, looking for the spot she knew drove Willow crazy.  Her sucking at Willow’s clit finally made her give in.  Willow buckled and fell forward into Kennedy’s arms.

***The Next Morning***

“Holy shit, this is dope!”  Faith looked out the window of their car towards the huge castle in front of her.  She turned towards Vi, Caridad, and Lauren, smiling at them.  They had just gotten back into country after spending time in Germany taking out a Hundekopf demon.  “From what Red said, I get my own smaller castle behind the actual castle.  Perks of being ‘Mistress of Slayage’ I guess.”  Faith giggled at the last part and smiled, thinking naughty thoughts.

Vi rolled her eyes and mocked, “Um, Madam, um, Faith…I want to be the best Slayer I can be, I’ll do anything.”  She let out a mock moan and everyone in the car besides the driver laughed.

Caridad leaned forward from her spot in the middle on the long limo like seat they sat in towards the driver.  “What is your name dear?”

The young woman in the front seat looked back slightly, but refusing to make eye contact looked back towards the road.  “My name is Penelope, I’m a new Slayer.  I just arrived a month ago; Head Mistress Willow assigned me to drive you in.”

The last sentence got a wicked smile out of Faith.  “Head Mistress eh?”

Faith, even though a lot more light hearted than before her prison stay, was still Faith.  When she was around her team she was often quiet, spending many nights brooding or thrashing vampires.  She did not really speak to anyone outside of her teammates and the other Scoobies except for Angel, who she kept in almost daily contact with.  Faith had hand picked them both, finding them to have the most potential out of any of the new Slayers.  Vi had especially been hand picked, her performance in the final battle against The First had impressed Faith so much she nearly got into a fistfight with Kennedy over who would have her on their team.  Not that she needed an excuse to knock out Kennedy.  Caridad and Vi were, besides Kennedy, the best of the active Slayers besides Buffy and Faith.  Sent all around the world to fight whatever comes their way the three of them had become quite the badass combination.

They had picked up Lauren about five months before when they were last in the states.  She had started out in Cleveland working with Xander and his people, but they had concluded she would be better off here learning at the academy.  They had picked her up and taken her on a rather bumpy ride through Canada, stopping to slay three vampire clans.  Then there was the Siren in Belgium who made Caridad strip for some vampires to humiliate her, before Faith could kill it.  Lauren would rather not talk about how she felt about seeing Caridad naked except for a pair of silver platform heels, swinging from a poll.  Yeah, avoid those thoughts.

Willow had already been awake for a while when Kennedy woke up after their late night escapades.  Her lover had gone out while Willow was in the shower for a morning run, leaving Willow alone to finish her journal entry from the previous night and finish writing back to Angel.  As she typed back to Angel she found herself opening up to him, they had become friendly over the past two years much as Faith had with him.  As she continued, she found herself writing about Kennedy-

Things have been strained between Kennedy and me recently.  I love her a lot but sometimes she is too much for me.  We have fought over some petty things in the past two years.  Occasionally, I disappear for a week or ten days, sometimes I just need to get away and think.  I have many bad dreams Angel, but I am sure you know what that feels like.  Kennedy is always okay at first but then she will make some sort of little aside which says to me she really is not.  She is also jealous of any friends I visit, particularly Lilac and Xander, which I do not get at all….

There was a knock at her door before she could finish the sentence.  Willow got up out of her chair and walked to the door.  She opened the door and found a girl standing at the door.  The girl’s presence came as no surprise, as for the past three months she had been there every morning.  “Good morning Ashley, is breakfast ready?”  Willow smiled at the girl.

Ashley looked down slightly, finally in the past few weeks getting over her nerves and becoming more comfortable around Willow.  “Madam, breakfast is ready; Faith and the Alpha Team are on their way, their driver called about thirty minutes ago.”

Willow walked into the hall and shut the door to her bedroom behind them.  “Great, wow, today is the big day I guess?”  Willow gave pause at Ashley’s perplexed look and smiled at the girl.  “I have no idea what I am even going to say.  I’m not really one for speeches; maybe I’ll just leave those to Faith?”  They made their way down the stairs into the main hall of her private castle and out into the greens.  Ashley paused and walked about one hundred feet away so Willow could take care of her daily trip to the marker that had been left out in honor of those who had fallen in battle- Anya, Jenny Calendar, Kendra, Larry, Amanda, amongst others.  Behind them, more prominently, was a small separate marker for Tara.  Every morning when Ashley came to get her for breakfast, Willow liked to go to the marker.  Usually she just said a few words to Tara’s, but today she just smiled and ran her hand over the surface slowly.  She then turned around and caught up with Ashley, making their way down the half-mile trail to the Academy of Slayage.

The two young women made their way into the main dining hall.  About fifty young Slayers were sitting down talking between themselves, waiting to eat, or beginning to bring out the food. By the time all arrived within the next week they would have seventy.

Willow put her hand on Ashley’s shoulder and nodded towards the main table, inviting her to join.  Ashley looked at her with a mix of fear and shock but followed her obediently.  As they walked towards the long table at the front Willow leaned over and whispered to her, “you are going to sit with us at meals and in meetings from now on, I want you in on everything we do; after all you are my personal assistant.”  Ashley looked at her again in shock but smiled as they separated to sit.  Willow sat down in her usual seat in the front of the round table.

Willow turned back to her right to see Kennedy coming in freshly showered and dressed from her morning training.  Kennedy came and sat down in the seat to the right of Willow, leaning over to kiss her good morning.  By now, breakfast service had begun.  Among the items on the menu were waffles, hash browns, biscuits, and sausage.  Also served were tea, juice, and coffee. They all dug into their breakfast.  Idle chatter passed back and forth between those at the table.

Willow turned to Ashley and smiled to try to make the girl comfortable.  “Ashley do you have a partner yet?”  She knew the girl did of course, but did not know whom, so the question was not just for small talk.

Ashley sipped her tea and thought for a moment.  “Her name is Dawn Summers…B-B-Buffy’s sister.”  Ashley was still nervous around her mentor.

Willow lit up at the mention of the Summer’s sisters.  “Oh wonderful.  Dawn is going to be a Watcher.”  Ashley smiled back at her, growing a little more confident.  After a silent moment, Willow whispered, “I wish her sister was here.”  Only Ashley heard her.  Suddenly, part of the room became quiet; the huge oak double doors opened and standing in the doorway smirking at Willow were Faith and her team.

They met about half way through the hall near the middle and exchanged hugs and greetings as all of the Slayers looked on, trying not to stare.  Willow realized everyone was waiting for them and walked up a few steps, the heels of her shoes echoing through the room.  “Alright everyone, there will be time for proper introductions soon.  We will reconvene in one hour for orientation.  Everyone should have a partner by now, but if you see someone who looks lost please direct him or her.  Dismissed.”  All of the girls got up and started to file out quietly.

Willow turned to Kennedy and nodded for her to follow.  “Ashley you are also with me, Giles, Alpha team…”  She paused and smiled at Faith.  “We will see you in an hour.”  They walked the other way and out the doors back towards their castle to make last minute preparations.

Giles watched them leave and then turned towards those who remained.  He thought for a moment and looked past Faith towards Vi and Caridad.  “I could use your help outside preparing, if you would help me?”

Vi nodded, turning towards Lauren.  “You’ll join us too.”  Lauren filed in with them and they started to move.

Kit Holburn looked over at her lover and smiled, snuggling up to her tightly.  Her and Dawn stretched their feet out on the bed and sat quietly, holding each other.  Today had been a long day for both young women, spending a good portion of the day on an airplane heading towards England and now sitting in bed in their hotel room.  Tomorrow morning they and a Slayer named Persephone would make their way to the new Slayage Academy to begin their training.  Dawn was to become a Watcher, Kit to learn Magick.  All they wanted to do right now was relax.  Kit ran her hand through Dawn’s beautiful brown hair and sighed deeply before speaking.  “So, what do you think will be their reaction…”  She paused, turning to her lover to kiss her gently on the mouth.  “To, you know, us being ‘recently gay’ and all.”

Dawn smiled at the reference to the Buffy-Bot.  “Oh I’m sure they will be fine.  Willow and Kennedy will be of course, Giles will too.”

Running her hand over Dawn’s face and down to her neckline, Kit leaned in and kissed the neck softly holding her lips there for a few moments.  She then looked up at Dawn and kissed her mouth, pulling away slowly and putting her head back on her lover’s shoulder, falling asleep a few minutes later.

Willow Rosenberg looked out at the assembled masses and smiled.  She stood next to the podium where she would be speaking to the young women slowly assembling below her in a few minutes and she was strangely not nervous.  After all, they were her young women below her.  Many of them were scared or uncertain about their callings and the powers they had.  Many of them looked up to her, Kennedy, and the others who had been in Sunnydale.  About 99% of them did a little bit of both.  Willow found it all a bit much, but she was glad they had someone to look up to at their age.  When she was younger, before she met Buffy, there were not many positive female role models in her life.  Sure, there was her mother but they had never truly connected.  Their lack of any sort of communication since long before Sunnydale became a big huge golf hole was good enough evidence.  She looked over to see Patrick coming up onto the stage.  He was not exactly hiding how he was avoiding eye contact with all around him.  She could tell something was up, but finding out what would have to wait until later.

Giles was already seated and going over his notes for what he would say.  She had not even noticed her come on the stage, but Lilac had also seated herself to the left of Giles quietly looking down at the floor.

Suddenly Faith came into view on the grounds and almost the entire crowd became silent.  The brown haired Slayer paused at their silence and looked at them all, shaking her head and muttering, “I need to get used to this.”  She walked parallel to where they all sat and up the stairs to the stage, stopping for a second to nod to Caridad, Vi, and Lauren, who were on the side of the stage.  Faith gave a nod to Giles and with her back turned to the crowd a quick smile to Willow.  Her seat was at the end of the row, next to Willow.

With everyone arrived, now was time for the orientation to begin.  Willow made her way to the podium and stared out at everyone.  Her eyes stopped to look at Ashley and Kennedy, who sat in the front row next to each other.  Kennedy gave her a wink and Willow sighed.  “Welcome to the academy everyone.  I am your Head Mistress, Willow Rosenberg.”

She paused for a second as Faith muffled a chuckle.  “As some of you who have been here for a few months while we prepared know, the academy has been about a year in the making.  A few years ago, I took part in the creation of what you all are now.  Through my Magic came the activation of every potential Slayer.  Every girl who had the power in her to become one would have the strength and skills… but forget about all of those slogans for now.  A lot of you are probably scared or apprehensive.  You are not alone.  Here, at the academy you will have friends who are like you, no matter if you are here to learn the skills to be what used to be called a watcher…”  She trailed off and looked over at Giles.  “Say, did we rename that yet?”  Turning back to the crowd, she continued.  “Anyway, whether you are here to learn those skills, to learn Magic, or because you are a Slayer, you will never be alone.  Before I met Buffy Summers, I always felt alone.  Sure I had friends…”  Willow paused for a moment and thought of Jesse for the first time in a long time.  What would he think of all of this?  “…but at the same time, I felt completely alone.  I did not feel right in my own skin.  When Buffy came along and I became part of the group which would completely rewrite the book on Slaying, I finally felt like I had a purpose.  When there were problems, I had people who would help me out.  I hope the first thing we give each one of you here is a place in the world, a place you feel safe.  Thank you.”

Willow sat down to mild applause but not before tapping Faith on the knee gently, as if to “tag” her next to speak.  Faith hopped up, walked towards the podium, and looked over all the young women sitting before her.  She looked to the left towards the Alpha team and nodded, and they in turn nodded back.

“Well what’s up ya’ll?  My name is Faith and I will be your ‘Head Mistress of Slayage’.”  She paused to think of what to say.  These young women were hanging on her every movement and word.  “But it doesn’t matter if I am your leader.  I just happen to be a few years older.  I became the Slayer when the previous one, a girl named Kendra, died.”  Again, Faith paused for a moment and then smiled.  “But luckily for me, I had a girl named Buffy Summers there with me.  See, turns out because B had kicked it once before, so there were now two Slayers.  I messed up a lot; hell so did B.  The best thing to ever happen to me though was having the two of us.”  Faith stopped and looked back at Willow and Giles and then back towards the audience.  “But there wasn’t just me and B.  We had Red over here, and Giles.”  Faith looked down for a moment, remembering what a dork Wesley was back then.  Closing her eyes for a moment to keep tears from tracing down her eyes she continued.  “The point here is; we had a team.  There was no I, ok maybe B got a bit carried away for awhile…anyway, no one here is going to be alone…”  She turned her head and pointed towards the Alpha Team.  “My girls over there, we are the best damn Slayers to ever live I know of.  Each one of you is going to be broken up into teams.  Before B and me, the Slayer was alone.  I vow to you right now, never again.  I do not want to go all riot girl on ya, but we are our own destiny. With the help of new friends,” and towards Willow, “and old.  I don’t really know what else to say, see you tomorrow kids.”

Faith sat down and Giles came up to the podium.  “Eh, yes, thank you Faith and Willow.  I am Rupert Giles; I will be the headmaster for the academy.  I was the last of the old Watchers remaining in active duty when we closed the Sunnydale Hellmouth.  The academy has been in planning for the past year by Ms. Rosenberg and myself.  As both she and Faith have pointed out, the Slayer deserves a fighting chance.  The academy will teach you all how to use that fighting chance.  We will rely of active participation to educate you.  You can only learn by doing, as I learned the hard way with Buffy…”  Giles paused for a moment and looked away, wondering what Buffy was doing right now.  “…There will be great expectations of you, to train and keep up with your studies at all times.  Once we have a proper group of educators on staff, we will begin to have elective courses each semester.  You will each be required to take a few courses to enliven your minds.”  Giles stopped for about thirty seconds to let everything he had said settle in. “For the rest of the day, the grounds are yours to explore in groups with either Ms Rosenberg, myself, or Lilac as your guide.  Curfew will be twenty-hundred hours tonight, after tonight curfew will be later but for now I want everyone to settle in early and get to know your roommate.  Alright, everyone is dismissed, please group up with anyone of the three of us please for your tour.”

The Slayers and Witches below got up, talking amongst themselves while forming groups.  Willow and Giles seemed to be the most popular, only a few young women going over to Lilac, her quiet appearance seemed to intimidate many of the girls. 

Willow walked the grounds in front of her castle for about twenty minutes before the women she was meeting up with finally showed up.

“Hey Red, great speech today.”  Willow turned around and smiled at Faith, walking over to her to hug her tightly.  Faith held her close for a minute, and then whispered in her ear.  “How ya holding up?”

Willow smiled as she pulled away.  “Better lately, I still have the nightmares, sometimes I just feel like I shouldn’t be doing this; why do I still feel guilty sometimes Faith?”

Faith pulled her tight again and let Willow cry on her shoulder.  Once the dust cleared in what used to be Sunnydale Willow and Faith had gotten close, realizing they had a lot in common.  Both had gone all big bad at one point and came back to redeem themselves.  Both had doubts about their choices and their current place in the world, and they had become close because of those feelings.  Faith let Willow cry, knowing the girl had been holding it in for a long time.

About a mile away, Kennedy stood hidden amongst some trees, disgust ridden on her face.

Grr Argh

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