Academy Of Slayage Episode Four (Unreleased)

This was the forth episode of the Academy of Slayage series, which I never finished. I published the the first three episodes in the summer of 2003, but then halted work due to a number of issues (see my next post). Sometime that fall, I began writing another episode, but never finished it because I got busy with school.

“What are you reading?”

Willow looked up at the freshly showered Slayer across the room and adjusted herself on the bed. “Oh, an article one of my students researched about a Slayer who was turned in Germany a long time ago. It is a pretty gruesome tale.” She paused. “Buffy, stop standing in the doorway. You are going to get sick.”

Blushing, Buffy wrapped the towel around her body tighter and walked over to her luggage to slip into a pair of boxer shorts and tank top. Sliding into bed next to Willow, she got under the covers and looked at her friend with a smile.

Willow put down the article and leaned back on her pillows. She folded her hands as she faced Buffy. “so, tomorrow, big day, you and me, huh?”

Buffy smiled at the thought of her best friend being so close. “Yes. You are going to meet me tomorrow night. You decided we should meet in a discreet location, this time at least. The Slayer beamed for a moment, not realizing how much she looked like Faith when she did it. “Apparently I am quite the hero for all the new Slayers.”

Willow rolled her eyes. “Of course you are, Buffy; you saved the world, a lot, as they say.” She paused for a moment before continuing. “It’s time for you to wake up from this dream. Actually, I guess I am probably waking up now too aren’t I?” Willow stopped and laughed, which made Buffy laugh too. “I even babble in *your* dreams.”

Smiling at her friend, Buffy got into bed with her and whispered good night, shutting off the light next to her bed. A moment later she woke up, disoriented. Once she had her bearings she walked over to the window of her hotel room and opened the curtains a little to let in the gray British morning. She stood for a minute and stared out at the early morning bustle before laughing to herself.

“Don’t I usually have those dreams with Faith?”

Here my only note is “Dawn/Kit/Ball Gag”….um, use your imagination

For the third time in the past ten minutes, Adicia wiped her eyes. She woke up early to finish a letter to Drusilla. It was not that she was tired; her Slayer skills kept her from tiring as quickly as a normal woman her age. The problem, for Adicia, was the buzzing in her brain.

The buzzing began after her parents died. When her Slayer powers kicked in, the buzzing only got worse. After Drusilla took her in, somehow the vampire found a way to stop it. Under her guidance two lost souls made a life for themselves. While not Druilla’s child and certainly not a vampire, she thought of Dru like a mother. later, they took in another girl a few years younger who had been gang raped and left for dead by football hoodlums. The girl’s injuries were extensive, but with a nurse Drusilla brought under her thrall she had recovered. Their family now number three, they grew close. After it became clear Adicia was a Slayer, Drusilla was insistent, after a vision, that the girl went to the new Slayer Academy and assimilate herself into their group.

Adicia felt alone and uncomfortable around her fellow Slayers. Other than their shared powers, she felt there was little in common between them. Their quest to protect humanity did not matter to her. After seeing what humans had done to her sister, and hearing what the mobs in Prague had done to her mother, she could give a fuck either way. Vampires and humans shared an evil, demonic, state. She saw no problem with being cordial with vampires and the more she studied recent Slayers it seemed she was not alone.

Finally, after more fidgeting and a cup of tea, she started to write down what she had outlined. After nearly finishing a page, there was a knock at the door. Faith walked into the room, which caused Adicia to attempt straightening her uniform.

Faith put up a hand. “It’s okay, it’s wicked early in the morning.” Adicia immediately eased up. “I was out form y morning run and I saw your light on. I wanted to talk to you because you seemed so distracted during yesterday’s exercises.”

A look of horror came over Adicia’s face, but, again, Faith put up a hand. “I’m not mad at you or anything; I was more worried something was wrong. I read your file. I am so sorry about your parents. I want to make a good impression on my Slayers, especially after all that nonsense yesterday.”

Adicia bit her lip gently and started speaking in slow, measured, tones. “I have also read your file and you were right yesterday, you are the best Slayer. I am sorry if I seem distracted. I have a lot on my mind right now.”

Turning back towards her desk, Adicia picked up her tea and offered a cup to Faith who turned it down. “That past few days have been the first time I have really been around a lot of people in a long time. The woman who took me in, well, she kept me pretty sheltered while I was staying with her.”

This time it was Faith who was stopped from speaking by an upward hand. “But that is no excuse for me to be distracted during training. It will never happen again. I want to make a good impression on you as well. You are the Head Slayer. I am here for you, Faith.”

Faith thanked her again and moved towards the door. Before she could open it, Adicia called to her. “I have one question Faith. Why did you allow Kennedy to get away with her attitude yesterday?”

Faith smiled, remembering the pounding she gave Kennedy. “Well, I did kick her ass pretty good.”

Adicia stared at her. “I would have destroyed her. But you are our leader. Her disrespect is inexcusable.”

Faith went to say something back, but Adicia had already moved back to her papers. Quietly, she excused herself.

Willow Rosenberg was also having an early morning. After walking out on Kennedy last night she had encamped herself in the library. The floor of the study room she had used to sleep was rough, but it was like doing an all nighter in high school again. Finally, around 4am she took a walk around the stacks to clear her head. She had a lot to think about…the classes she would be teaching, the troubling story Lilac had told her, and how to deal with Kennedy. As her thoughts drifted, a voice brought her back to reality.

“Ma’am, I have your coffee.” When Willow sleepily stared back at Allison, she became concerned. “You did send a request for coffee?”

Willow shut her eyes for a moment to try and clear her head. Slouching her shoulders, she took the coffee. “Thank you Allison. It has been a difficult few days for me. Finish your shift and then get some sleep before class.”

Allison smiled and said goodbye to Willow. A quick check of the clock showed that Willow had a little bit of time before breakfast. There was plenty of time to visit Tara’s marker and see off Ashley and Lilac. Climbing down the stairs to the main library exit all Willow could think was her wish that Buffy was here now and not later.

As Lilac made the turn out of the Academy’s land and onto the road heading towards town she turned to Ashley, the amusement on her face hidden behind a large pair of sunglasses. “So, I gather you got my message yesterday?”

Ashley stared out the window for a moment before replying. “I didn’t know you could do telepathy?”

Lilac smiled, which made Ashley’s eyebrows raise. She was not used to Lilac not scowling. “I do, and with a little bit of practice you can too.” After another long moment, she changed the subject. “So when we get there I have a job for you to do. You’re going to have to stay in the car.” Ashley tried to interrupt, but Lilac continued. “If there is some sort of magical spell or anything else going on, I can shield you from it. If there really is something going on, I need you to be far away trying to decipher what it is. I can show you how to see the presence of magic.”

Ashley spoke up. “Y-yes, Willow has showed me how to ‘see’ magic.”

“Good.” Lilac parked their car. “I believe that Slayers should be as multi-disciplined as possible. One of the things that kept Buffy Summers alive for so long was having competent people around her who knew other arts. I mean, previous Watchers before Mr. Giles were certainly adept at their craft, but Buffy had multiple researchers, demons and souled vampires, and the most powerful Witch in the world. The next generation of Slayers should not need a group of people to do this. They should be able to do it themselves.”

Lilac returned her focus to driving. Ashley looked out the window. Both were quiet for the rest of their journey.

And that was the end of what I wrote back in 2003. I got a LOT of hate mail for breaking up, sort of, Willow and Kennedy. Also, Adicia being Palestinian got me some very angry mail too. I got so burnt out on how ridiculous the BTVS fan community had gotten in the past few years and basically said screw it at some point.

I did save my outlines though! So let me recreate them for you:

Rest of ep4

  • Giles, Dawn, Penelope fight a demon while Buffy watches them from a hidden place
  • A scene with Drusilla
  • Willow on her balcony crying
  • Faith and Kennedy arguing in the hall, which is broken up by a returning Lilac
  • Lilac and Faith chat “maybe you need a Watcher”
  • Vi and Lauren argue with Kennedy over “secrets”
  • Giles speaks to Xander in Cleveland
  • Buffy and Willow together at night
  • Grr Argh

Episode Five

  • Kennedy goes off on vacation after speaking to Giles
  • Willow, Giles, and Lilac have discussion about summer feast
  • Lilac reports back to Willow about the church and Marcie
  • Adicia writes to Drusilla
  • Ashley gets journal for next ep

Episode Six

  • Summer Feast
  • Willow demands a story be read
  • I imagined this looking like the banquet in Sir Gawain & The Green Knight
  • Ashley reads story about medieval Slayer and her witch THAT ARE TOTALLY NOT BUFFY AND WILLOW NO NOPE at all being burnt at stake, but escaping
  • Willow is saddened by this
  • Scene of her in evening cuddling with BuffyBot

Episode Seven

  • Elaborate eps 1-6 stuff
  • Penelope, Adicia, Dawn, and Kit attacked by some demon or something. Penelope falls into an alternate reality
  • Adicia captured
  • Buffy finds Drusilla
  • Penelope in alternate universe: Vampire Tara, Evil Buffy, Slayer Drusilla, Dawn with Kennedy, Willow with Anya

Episode Eight

  • Adicia reprogrammed
  • Buffy and Dru have a chat. Dru says “we have a few things in common, have you ever noticed?”
  • Graham and Marcie
  • Penelope in another mirrorverse where all Slayers are reprogrammed by Warren

Episode Nine

  • This episode was going to have a lot of The Lower Decks style stuff
  • Penelope in Hall of Dead with Tara
  • An attack by the men…a few red shirt Slayers die
  • At end Penelope pops out into reality

Episode Ten

  • Willow decides to attack
  • Willow overhears some Slayers worried about coming battle
  • Willow walks amongst the Slayers quarters in disguise ala Henry Vth
  • Big attack
  • Men “enthrall” Willow
  • She kneels
  • But then looks up and says “you stupid….little man” and goes all white haired grr argh
  • Buffy fights her way through the crowd with Faith and stop besides Willow. “What was it…oh! Bored now.”
  • Faith chases the leader into a hallway, but Adicia comes flying out of nowhere and stabs him to death with a stiletto heel
  • Willow stops Lilac from killing Graham
  • Willow falls to ground. Giles tries to help her, but she shoves him off and goes to Faith and Buffy.
  • Buffy returns Adicia to Drusilla for vacation
  • Faith and Willow chat at night…Faith tells her about Adicia killing the man…Willow surprises Faith by saying “maybe we need more of that.”
  • Marcie with Lilac
  • A new girl named Morgan shows up

End of Season 1

Season 2 Ideas

  • Lilac comes back with really short hair and robed
  • Marcie is with her
  • All this one says is “miniskirt undercover strippers”
  • More witches from 1700s
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream Style fairies causing mayhem
  • Something about Fray
  • Faith is kidnapped to be Prisoner “F” in a massive homage ep to The Prisoner
  • Morgan turns out to be girlfriend of a cult leader named Circe who have created a cult around Willow…

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