New Release: Domestic Doll Services Short Story Anthology

This anthology collects four previous unreleased DDS stories:

The Domestic Doll Services Repair Team-An engineer muses about the proper upkeep of a Domestic Doll while attempting to service one broken by its owner.

Domestic Doll Services: Sexual Relations-A new Domestic Doll receives new programming to erase her former life as a sex worker.

Domestic Doll Services: Domestic Bliss-An unruly college student and her mother are sent by the family patriarch to learn how to behave properly from a Domestic Doll.

Domestic Doll Services: Product Management-Matthew, a friend of Domestic Doll Services COO Simon Ward, arrives at DDS to pick out a Domestic Doll, but a surprise from his past and a secret about Domestic Dolls awaits him.

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FYI: Stay tuned to both Amazon and Smashwords…I will be slowly adding stories already on Smashwords to Amazon and redoing a lot of old covers now that I am more comfortable with creating them.

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