Newsletter #2

Newsletter #2

Newsletter #2! COLD here where I live after being warm all week. 

This week I wrote over 2,000 words on a new story called Independent Female Syndrome. It is about a patriarchal society and the aftermath of allowing women into the workforce during a war. It is coming along quite nicely and will probably require at least a few more weeks of work. I expect it to come out somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 words. 

I also began work on two Patron backed stories. I wrote about 500 each on The Bimbo Chronicles: A Submission Of Ones Own and Love Falls Rejuvenation Spa. I have very developed outlines for both and the first promised 2000 words for $20 a month Patrons should be finished by the end of March. 

Talk to you next week. 


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