Week In Review

Week In Review

(apologies for this being late…I cut my hand while making breakfast on Saturday and could not really type much over the weekend!)

This week I wrote 2,126 words for Feminine Obedience Academy: Yoshiko. This story is coming along nicely and I think is going to end up being around 20k-25k words by the end. I am building out a larger world so some of my other unfinished stories can be put under the Feminine Obedience Academy umbrella.

My story Love Falls Rejuvenation Spa is now on the new Read Only Mind website as noted earlier this week.

An exclusive update for Patrons will be going out shortly. If you wanted to become a Patron of my writing or commission a story you can do that here

Patrons also get access to my new character/story bible, which was updated this week with The Romance & Submission Of Melissa Sanderson.

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