Author’s Note: Domestic Doll Services-Public Relations

Author’s Note: Domestic Doll Services-Public Relations

A few major inspirations for DDS: PR. First and foremost I love it when smug, self-important, women get taken down a notch or five. I also adore the idea of “giving a tour” of the diabolical mind control conspiracy to the mentally numbed, gullible, woman. That concept is explored in other stories of mine.

Click bait and “gotcha” journalism are scourges of modern society. I seem to keep going back to punishing journalists who try to destroy others for clicks and likes. I use the vague “social media profile” to not tie my stories to any specific platform or app. I read a lot of romance novels and it makes me cringe to see a character talk about an app no one uses anymore. “Social media profile” can be whatever the plot needs it to be at any time.

Jacki was based on a number of women I met in the workforce. The ones who act as corrupt as the men do and think it is rebellion or an act of feminism.

Simon is, of course, named in honor of our wonderful archivist at mcstories.

As I noted in the story introduction, many of the tropes of Domestic Doll Services stories are established in this story. This is where the series really takes off after the much more horror/scifi based initial story.

EMC inspirations include Simon bar Sinister’s Absolute Obedience and Vendatrix’s Return of the Ultimate Lovedolls.

This story was originally written in the summer of 2015 when I was getting into the now daily writing routine that has so greatly improved my writing. So much of this came from the grace and care I receive from my husband.

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