Author’s Note For Domestic Doll Fantasies

Author’s Note For Domestic Doll Fantasies

First and foremost, this story was a commission and I am extremely grateful to the commissioner for their ideas and feedback along the way.

I think there is so much potential for virtual reality and mind control. I am glad I was able to explore that a bit here. Women being converted into much more autonomous machines that have personalities programmed into them is a big kink of mine too. Using that to brainwash women into the ideal playthings of DDF worked out really well I think.

Westworld is an obvious influence, but I also thought a lot about Boomers from Bubblegum Crisis too.

Inspirations: Downing Street’s Ringtones, Darkmind’s Pleasure Island, and Vendatrix’s Pleasure Crews Of The Ultimate Lovedolls.


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