Author’s Note For Born To Make You Happy

Author’s Note For Born To Make You Happy

Born To Make You Happy was the first story I ever wrote an outline for while in college. It would not be the first story I actually wrote, but ended up the second one. I like, yet hate, this story a lot. Let me explain…

I was at university in 1998 when I discovered the EMCSA. I was stunned to find others who shared the same fetishes I did, but also a bit freaked out. I had no idea how to talk to them and probably said a lot of dumb bullshit to others, did a few very horny things, and generally screwed up a couple of relationships as I tried to incorporate more D/s into my life. I broke down crying telling someone I was sleeping with about the granular specifics of my fetishes, sent them a few stories, and they disowned me quickly afterwards.

in 1999, I had to take a required math course. I hate math, but the professor was really helpful and I passed pretty easily. I did group work with another young lady and two guys. She had them wrapped around her finger tips. Her flirtations and teasing would lead to them doing all the group work for us. They made up study sheets for us and all.

We began hanging out and getting lunch together beforehand. She was funny, beautiful, and we had a blast hanging out. We went to the mall together a few times too. I had never had men really flirt with me the way they did with her and it was really interesting. I was too busy exploring pervy stuff online to notice either way if they flirted with me.

She was fun to hang out with until I noticed how cruel she could be at times. Friends would walk away and she would immediately talk shit about them. Those guys from our class? One of them asked her out and she ghosted him. He seemed sweet.

The semester ended and we spoke a few times over break. Remember that this was before smart phones, social media, and even, more or less, texting, so this was the time of AIM, ICQ, and IRC. We spoke on ICQ a few times briefly. She blew me off the next semester and I always saw her with other friends and some guy who was in a class with her.

I was sitting in the library one day. It was around spring break, maybe right before it, and I pulled my notebook out and started writing. I hated how she treated the guys and wrote Amanda in the vein of her. The male protagonist was loosely based on one of the guys too. I penned an outline for a story pretty quickly. I typed it up, sent a copy to a few people, including at least one person who will read this post, and let it sit on my computer until the next year. I wrote True Love first, which is another long story and explanation, and then Born To Make You Happy was written next.

I do regret a few things: I feel like I might be a little too hard on Amanda near the end. There is a bit of slut shaming I am not proud of here. I am not fond of the way feminists use the phrase “internalized misogyny,” but I had a lot of it back then. I would approach this story a lot different now. So many of the women in my stories who it is clear the narrative deems as bad being those in power or positions of authority is a very deliberate choice. A promiscuous college student is nothing compared to the corrupt girlboss, ladder hopping reporter, or career obsessed wife.

I teased a sequel at the end and that story will be up in the usual places shortly.

3 thoughts on “Author’s Note For Born To Make You Happy

  1. I believe that this was the first of your stories that I read on EMCSA back when it was first posted. You have been one of my preferred authors since then. I actually have a couple versions of this story that you have posted over time in my offline archive of MC stories and I am happy to add another one. 🙂

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