Author’s Note For Born To Make You Happy II

Author’s Note For Born To Make You Happy II

A sequel to Born To Make You Happy was teased at the end of the story, a brief outline was prepared, and I wrote it out in 2016. So many of my stories begin with two women: One ends up brainwashed, but in some kind of loving, caring, relationship with a man, but the other ends up a mindless lovedoll or whore. I bet a shrink would have a field day with that!

This was the era too where I was writing a lot about the differences between “classy” women and ones more into debauchery. As I commented in the author’s note for BTMYH, I am not as comfortable making those distinctions anymore as I was back then. I still love the “fork” of two friends’ paths, but without the debasement.

Every woman in my stories, in my fantasies, has a purpose, and they should be affirmed and praised for it, whether the elegant obedient housewife or the bimbo lovedoll or anything else in the middle. Too many stories in this kink completely swing and miss at that kind of thing.

There is a tease at the end of this story for Madison’s mother. Maybe I will have to write that out one day.

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