Author’s Note For Ready To Please

Author’s Note For Ready To Please

Ready To Please came out of my desire to explore virtual reality as a means for brainwashing and that the actions within a VR setting could affect someone in real life too. I am fond of the “male protagonist loves his friends, doesn’t want to harm her, but…” premise and Grace was a lovely version of the tamed female love.

I introduced her friends, wrote more, and then realized I had to do something with them. Readers can decide how they feel about this, but I rather impulsively turned one into a drone and the other into the third in their relationship in a very protected manner. I think that is rather sweet.

This story was originally written in the first-person for an anthology. This is why the story is fairly brief in nature. I will post that version at some point in the future, but this is the rewritten and more true to how I generally write third-person version.

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