Tentative Publishing Schedule For January

Tentative Publishing Schedule For January

Over the holidays, I mapped out a publication schedule for upcoming stories up until May. There are more after that for sure, but I can add them as I go.

Here is the tentative schedule for January. It is an assortment of various stories with no real thematic connections. Other months in 2023 likely will have one.

Weekend of January 7th: Emerald’s Service

A journalist realizes her boyfriend is part of a Diabolical Brainwashing Conspiracy, so she goes to the cops who are also part of the Diabolical Brainwashing Conspiracy. Uh oh.

Weekend of January 14th: Space Academy Bimbofication Conspiracy

When Timothy Larmer returns from vacation to the planet his space academy is on, he immediately notices some odd changes around him. Men seem more authoritative, and women seem more submissive. Upon arriving at his apartment, he finds his best friend Missy kneeling, naked, waiting for his command. Join Timothy as he unravels the space academy bimbofication conspiracy.

Weekend of January 21st: The Doll House’s New Dolls

Since her sister Michelle disappeared two weeks ago, Detective Lisa Jefferies had been on leave while she personally investigated what happened to her. The clues lead to a kidnapping case and a gentleman’s club called The Doll House, owned by the alluring Bella O’Shea. Miss O’Shea had helped with kidnapping cases in the past, but all is not what it seems. The meeting between Bella and Detective Jefferies will reveal the truth about The Doll House’s new dolls.

Weekend of January 28th: Sisterhood of the Queen

Marie Benelope is heading home when a bomb goes off down the street from her work. In the chaos of the attack, she is whisked down an alley by two women wearing the fuchsia headbands of the Sisterhood of the Queen. Marie goes with them and meets their leader. The mysterious Isleen takes an interest in Marie and offers to show her the truth about the Sisterhood of the Queen.

Remember: Patrons at the $3 a month and up levels get a copy of every story in the file format of their choice a few days before publication!

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