Author’s Note For Space Academy Bimbofication Conspiracy

Author’s Note For Space Academy Bimbofication Conspiracy

The Space Academy Bimbofication Conspiracy was really four stories merged into one, tweaked to fit together, and then expanded upon. One part was a short I wrote for an anthology that was never released. This was the introduction of the story. One of the writers retired and others lost interest during COVID lock down. Oh well.

Another was part of a failed commission that was abandoned. I significantly rewrote this and turned it into the main story-line with Timothy and Missy.

The parts with Sahrya were from an outline that had long been sitting on my story ideas document for a story somewhat like this one, where a young woman’s religious order becomes a complicating factor on her retraining.

The epilogue is another outline for, again, a story somewhat in the same vein that is a tease for a sequel if the story turns out to be popular enough to make that a worthwhile endeavor. I think our protagonist in that one would be not quite Devin, but not quite Timothy either. Somewhere in the middle?

I enjoyed writing this story a lot. The way that Timothy has to balance the potential that he may destroy his best friend, who he also wants to love badly, and the ease that his will can rewrite hers was interesting to write about and made the process very straight forward.

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