Author’s Note For The Doll House’s New Dolls

Author’s Note For The Doll House’s New Dolls

The Doll House’s New Dolls was inspired by reading out people who had their social media or personal accounts hacked because they had not run updates on them when required to do so. There were a few really infamous ones, including a journalist losing a lot of family photos permanently. These days everything seems to run on automatic updates and it is not as much of a problem.

The rest of the story came from different story ideas: A detective gets brainwashed while trying to figure out what happened to a family member. She is betrayed by a friend from work who is also brainwashed. A Gentleman’s club is run by a woman who cares for her workers, but also brainwashes them. She has political ambitions, which is there to tease out a potential sequel. I had wanted to write more F/f stories. I never quite feel as comfortable doing so…

We are going to have two updates in a row with F/f stories. Huh. I will get back to our regularly scheduled bimbofied patriarchy loving mind controlled women shortly.

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