Author’s Note For Love Falls Education Foundation

Author’s Note For Love Falls Education Foundation

The Love Falls stories came out of a bunch of unattached outlines I had come up with over the years that got blended together. Pretty much every character was an idea for their own character, but the stories never went anywhere so they all ended up in the same pot. The sudden body changes is a bit of a short cut, but I thought that would be a bit different from my normal emphasis on “the process.”

Mercedes was definitely inspired by many “girlboss” types I have met over the years. I am so infatuated with this idea of women helping other women to be more submissive basing it around some kind of non-profit that it turns out is doing something nefarious things made sense.

Love Falls can also be a place to have stories like this end up that require a larger scale conspiracy.

As I said in my introduction, more Love Falls stories will be forthcoming. Love Falls Rejuvenation Spa was in the VIRAL anthology a few years ago.

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