New Release: Love Falls “Year One” Collection

Love Falls: Year One collects the first four Love Falls stories. Love Falls is a town where women learn “how to succeed as a woman in modern society.” This success comes from submission to men. This anthology includes Love Falls Education Foundation, Love Falls Reform Academy, and Love Falls Rejuvenation Spa.

New Story Release: The Loyal Servants of NILE

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After a woman working for a company discovers the truth about one of their more nefarious plots, her brash and outspoken nature make her a liability. After being taken to a secretive location, she learns how to put aside her disobedient nature and become a loyal servant of NILE.

Yet Another New Story For MCStories

I have another new story out on mcstories….Mommy’s Hypno Princess

As a psychologist for troubled young women, Lucinda is used to tough cases. However, her newest case has her lost. A young woman named Katie comes into her life that is clearly in her mid-twenties, but believes she has just become an adult and has a “Mommy” that cares for her. Realizing this young woman has been been psychologically tortured into this state, Lucinda and a beautiful cop, whom she begins to fall for, named Samantha dive into the case to find out the dark truth behind why Katie is her Mommy’s hypno princess.

New Release…Domestic Doll Services: Domestic Relations

Domestic Doll Services: Domestic Relations
Thomas Larmer is stressed out not only at home, with an unruly college aged daughter and self important wife, but at his job as well. After his boss tips him off to how helpful a Domestic Doll can be, things quickly improve at home.

Buy it on Amazon. This book is also available via Kindle Unlimited.

New Release…The Faith: Her Fullest Submission

Sarah is a submissive housewife whose husband and son die in a horrible car accident. Forced into a work force she wants nothing to do with, as a wife’s proper place is in the home, she finds love at work with a man who shares The Faith with her: A religion based upon love of God and traditional gender roles.

Buy on Amazon. This story is also available via Kindle Unlimited.

New Release: Ready To Please

A young man uses VR technology to win the affection of the love of his life before they leave space university. This is a completely rewritten version of this story, and the ebook also includes the original version.

Out now on Amazon. This book is also available on Kindle Unlimited.