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New Reader’s Picks

It’s time again for the yearly update to my reader’s picks page. This year I have added five stories:


Prequel by 8 Bit-This is yet another excellent story from 8 Bit.  A girl falls under the thrall of a hyperactive, somewhat maladjusted in a very cool way, lesbian who plays games with her and uses her to begin to control others.  As usual, this is well written with superb dialouge especially.  As a writer myself, I find dialouge hard to write and 8 Bit always does a great job with it.

Story Review: Haiku

Haiku by 8 Bit-I enjoyed this story a lot. 8 Bit creates really nice worlds around their plots and this is no exception. I like the trancing in this one a lot. Interesting mythology based around the protagonist.

Story Review(s)-Cotton & Cotton, Auto

Cotton & Cotton, Auto by 8 Bit-Both of these stories take place in the same universe. What works the best in this series is the plot: with all its twists and turns 8-Bit creates a vivid word that keeps me wanting to read more and more. The characters are wonderful as well, the protagonists, with their obvious influence from a certain television lesbian couple of a few years past, are very likeable and given very drawn out backgrounds and lives. The various morality issues brought up are engaging and definitely food for thought. I hope there is more to this series eventually.

Story Review: Safeword

Safeword by 8-Bit: I am not usually all that into hypnosis, but this story does it well. This story, like 8-Bit’s other stories, have one thing always in common: they have characters I really adore. They are often very cute, funny, and compelling. Safeword is no exception.