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Out Now: Domestic Doll Services “Year Two” Anthology

This anthology collects the second batch of Domestic Doll Services stories: Domestic Doll Soldiers, Becky’s Ballad, Ariel’s Selling Day, and The Billionaire and The Bimbos plus a bonus story!

Buy it now on Amazon. If you have Kindle Unlimited it is available via that service too.

Take 36% Off My Stories This Week

I turn 36 this week, which is a really boring year without a lot of pomp. I decided to add a little bit of fun to it by offering 36% off coupons for all of my stories this week.

Born To Make You Happy
Amanda Jane Carlson is used to getting her way. Whether through her popularity, wealth, or by using her body, she gets what she wants, when she wants it. The only imperfection on her life is college. Failing her classes during the fall semester, she uses her body to get the grades to keep her expense account flowing. In the spring, she turns to a young man named Timothy Larmer for help. He gives her some special recordings that make her feel great and realize that she was born to make men happy.

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Anal Princesses
Melissa has an ideal life. She has a great career, a wonderful boyfriend, and happiness that many people can never attain in their lives. Her boyfriend is the light of her life. After years of being taunted for her curves, Brett treats her like a princess. She has learned to submit to him in all things expect one. Melissa cannot indulge her boyfriend and master in anal sex. She badly wants to please him in all things, but she cannot. This changes when Brett gives her a series of music files. Suddenly, she finds anal sex to be wonderful and feels even more compliant to his will. When she finds out the truth behind her attitude change, she makes a decision that will change her life forever.

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Princess Sabina & The Kingdom of Hershin
A chance encounter in the farmer market’s with Prince William changes the peasant girl Sabina’s life forever. A prophecy has stated that she is the woman William is destined to marry. Together, as King and Queen, they will rule the kingdom of Hershin. Before their wedding, Sabina is sent to a set of maidens that give her magical bracelets that help change her outlook on life and prepare her to be the best Queen possible for her beloved King.

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The Romance & Submission of Kira Wetzel
Kira Stewart was used to not being noticed. However, as she heads to university she is brainwashed by another young woman in her school. It turns out, a young man at her university, part of a larger brainwashing conspiracy, has chosen her to be his loving, obedient, wife. Kira’s journey to finding her master is complicated by another young woman from her school, who grows suspicious of the changes Kira has gone through.

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The Ballad of Becky D’arcy
Ever since Becky D’arcy had been brainwashed into a sex slave by the Pleasure Bunnie corporation, she had been down on her luck. Will a buyer ever purchase her? No one seems to want her beyond random sexual service. Follow a day into the beautiful blonde’s brainwashed life as she tries to find an owner.

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Ariel’s Selling Day
William Cullen, head of the nefarious Pleasure Bunnies Corporation, entertains Patrice, the scion of a French political family as he decides which brainwashed Pleasure Bunnie will be his own. A Pleasure Bunnie named Ariel draws his attention while another Pleasure Bunnie named Olga tries to draw the attention of William.

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The Doll House’s New Dolls
Since her sister Michelle had disappeared two weeks ago, Detective Lisa Jefferies had been on leave while she personally investigated what had happened to Michelle. The clues lead her to a sex trafficking case and a gentleman’s club called The Doll House, owned by the alluring Bella O’Shea. Miss O’Shea had helped with trafficking cases in the past, but all is not what it seems. The meeting between Bella and Detective Jefferies will reveal the truth about The Doll House’s new dolls.

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