Author’s Note For Domestic Doll Services: The Billionaire & The Bimbos

Author’s Note For Domestic Doll Services: The Billionaire & The Bimbos

This story was a commission. The basic premise was a rich tycoon bounces between women and when he gets bored he has them turned into Domestic Dolls and frozen in place in a trophy room. I think some character inspirations are pretty obvious here, but there were also some science fiction influences too like Westworld. I LOVE the idea of therapists being involved in the Diabolical Mind Control Conspiracy. Gradually changing someone over a bunch of visits is a really hot idea.

I laugh at myself for the name “Savannah Sweetness.” We tried to brainstorm a really inane pop singer name and it popped into my head one day and I knew it was going to be the one for the story. Making her daughter use that last name too is hilarious.

Speaking of said daughter, Melanie is, in some ways, the cliche liberal protester turned bimbo type, but it is deeper than that. Her friends turn on her because they believe the guy she was sleeping with over her. That seems typical of a certain kind of liberal feminist. I really liked writing the scene where her deeply sexist therapist had a more enlightened and progressive view of that situation than her protester friends. Melanie is generally really sad and frustrated with her situation.

I also greatly enjoy mocking how banal journalism has become in the modern age and how stupid the people who fall for it are. I used to work with women who had all the feminist credentials, but then bought into every obviously planted celebrity news story. Professional wrestling is more credible.

There is a tease for a sequel at the end as well. Poor John just doesn’t have the attention span for one woman…

Maybe one day? This story was a blast to write.

Inspirations: Whyte, Colleen’s The Ideals of Others.

Independent Female Syndrome: Author’s Note

Independent Female Syndrome: Author’s Note

Independent Female Syndrome was inspired by two books. The first was about the changing role of women in the home and workplace between World War I and World War II. The second was about the rise of the suburbs and interstate highway system after World War II. Some of the anti-feminist rhetoric expressed by opponents of women in the workplace during that era bled into my fantasies (as always!) and I began scribbling out an outline.

On the EMC end of things, Vendatrix’s There Are No Bad Girls and Downing Street’s New Girl were huge influences.

I really hope you enjoyed this story. I had a great time writing it.