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Character Inspiration: Sarah Collins

Sarah Collins was not really based on anyone real, although a co-worker from my teen years did inspire her visually somewhat.  I despise the “retro” fetishizing of homemakers and supposed old timey values that only sort of existed outside of misogynist’s dreams.  That said, the docile, eager to please, housewife is quite an attractive character type when done well.  It would figure, I thought, that Lauren would think the best way to fix her alcoholic, out of control, mother would be to have her brainwashed into mindless docility.  The character became, for me, more a comment on Lauren’s immaturity than anything else.  True Love wouldn’t be the same without Sarah and I expect her to show up in the Pleasure Bunnie universe rather soon.

Character Inspiration: Kristen

Originally, I did not have a lot of plans for Kristen.  She was always to be Lauren Collins’ slave in True Love, but eventually cast aside so Lauren and Jenny could go off together (more on that soon…).  As I mentioned in my earlier post about Lauren, something changed as time went by and I grew to dislike Lauren a lot.  Kristen’s self mutilation scene at the end of chapter four and sort of mental breakdown made me grow rather fond of her and want to explore her role in the story a lot more than the main protagonists.

The implications of her breaking through her programming is something I want to explore in the future as well.

The addition of Celia, Arianna’s sister, had been planned for awhile.  The decision to pair Kristen up with her was something that happened while I was writing.  There is a lot more to come from those two.

Character Inspiration: Lauren Collins

There was no specific person who inspired Lauren other than the stereotypical mall goth meets “alternative model” (way before stupid sites like Suicide Girls) from the Internet. I just wanted to write about that archetype via EMC. Her assumptions and delusions of her own grandeur were something I wish I had spent more time exploring while writing True Love, but as a few years went by I lost interest in the character and, after a lot of consideration, she ended up with the fate she received.

Originally I had considerably different plans for Lauren. Sometime soon I will have a feature on here called “change of plans” where I will discuss some of the plot direction changes I have made over the years while planning stories.

As for the future, I can say I have penciled Lauren into a scene for a future Pleasure Bunnies story I am planning. Whether the reader will know it is her is something I have not decided yet.