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Dollhouse (Again)

  • As someone mentioned in the MC Forum, Miracle Laurie (November) is an amazing actor.  She really sells “brainwashed” in a way that makes her seem equal parts docile and also eager to please.  If Dollhouse gets canned, someone needs to add her to their show immediately.
  • This week’s episode was the strongest one yet.  Without spoiling, a lot of it seemed to be ripped right out of an EMC story.  I saw elements of Vendatrix (the reprogrammed Active who has already been snared), Trilby Else (generally the idea that they won’t escape/are being watched seems to be a theme he goes back to) and one of my favorite stories My Girl Imogen, which seems more and more to have been a EMCSA precursor to this show.


It’s funny how all of the EMCesque parts of Dollhouse continue to offend a lot of my friends. I seem to keep forgetting that most people don’t think about mind control/slavery/etc or read stories that deal with these concerns on a weekly basis. The ickyness of these issues is the thing that bothers a lot of them. I can’t remember what that used to be like.

I think Dollhouse is getting better each week. The slow burn on the details coming out is well done and I have come up with a few theories that would make things even better. Stay tuned. More attention will come to this show I believe once BSG comes to its craptacular finish next weekend.


Thoughts so far…

  • I am really mad this is up against Friday Night Lights.  FNL is one of the best shows of the past decade and I would like it to continue.
  • Either way, I don’t watch either until Saturday via Hulu.
  • The first fifteen minutes or so of the first episode was straight out of an EMCSA story.  A few times I literally said “I’ve seen this somewhere…” out loud.  Ha.  The visuals of the dollhouse are well done and the sort of thing I would imagine for some of my own stories.
  • That said, the first episode was good.  It started well and ended well.  The middle parts were shaky, but in context with the rest of the episodes so far it makes more sense.
  • The humans hunting humans trope in the second episode was so cliched that Joss Whedon must’ve done that on purpose.  Still, some nice character development.
  • I could care less about the lives of divas, but the third episode gave a lot of good background information.  I like how Dollhouse starts in the middle of the action and offer bits of background in each episode.  Of course, the average viewer probably hates that.
  • My only theory so far is that DeWitt is probably an Active.