Coming For Me In 2017…

Coming For Me In 2017…

I published a lot of stories in 2016, including many that have become some of my best sellers, and will continue to do so in 2017. I have a lot of “almost done” stories I will work on throughout January and begin publishing before moving on to new material. Here is a list previewing some of what should be coming from me in 2017 and the current status of each story. I have included a few stories at the end that are not yet written as well because I am so excited about getting to them.

True Love
A totally rewritten version of this story removing all of the Pleasure Bunnies stuff and adding some elements I had originally planned for it. Expect some witchcraft!

STATUS: In the process of doing a final edit.

Born To Make You Happy II
As set up at the end of BTMYH, a college cheerleading camp becomes the grounds for unexplained personality and psychical changes to many of the attendees. When two freshman, best friends since birth, sign up, their destinies will fork in a remarkable way.

STATUS: Nearly complete at around 10,000 words right now…still needs a few more scenes and then some editing.

The District Nine Domestic Doll Adoption Agency
In a, depending on how you view it, dystopic or utopic future, The Sandersons, Melissa and Brett, live in District Nine, a northeast sector from the former United States, where traditional gender roles are strictly enforced. As Melissa prepares to give birth to their second child, the Sandersons travel into the heart of their district to acquire domestic assistants from a Domestic Doll.

STATUS: This story is completed and ready for publication.

Domestic Doll Services: An Irish Lass
A college professor is gifted a Domestic Doll. As part of the gift, the beautiful Domestic Doll is programmed to test his morality to prove him worthy of her.

STATUS: About 50% written and then I drifted to other stories. Soon!

Domestic Doll Services: Daffodil Rose
After a man purchases a Domestic Doll to help him mourn the loss of his wife, he must deal with the flood of emotions burdening his soul as he falls in love with the Domestic Doll.

STATUS: About 50% written before I hit a wall, but over the holidays I made a new outline

The Doll House’s New Dolls II: Viral Campaign
A sequel to my most popular story sees Bella O’Shea now running for mayor in her city. The local political party sends a woman, at first deeply bemused by Mrs. O’Shea’s chances, to help with her campaign, but soon Bella’s campaign involving a phone app and technology has the businesswoman leading the polls and shows how viral and addictive the campaign will be until Bella can become mayor.

STATUS: Started it, but need to redo the outline before I proceed. Unfortunately I hit a bit of a wall.

A Trip To District Six
A sequel set 20 years after The District Nine Doll Adoption Agency. In this story Melissa Sanderson, her daughters now adults, travels with her oldest daughter’s best friend Karen to District Six, where traditional gender roles are enforced by law and, if needed, other means. They will be visiting a family friend of the Sandersons, but before they can arrive encounter a disruptive force that requires Melissa to make a decision about how she feels about the role of women in this new world.

STATUS: Needs a rewrite and a longer ending.

The Swift Flight and Other Erotic Science Fiction Stories
This is a dumping ground for shorter stories I will eventually release when it gets long enough. Stories so far include an AI who tries to reprogram its ship inhabitants into Stepford style drones, a man who discovers an android that grants wishes, and the new mayor of a dystopic city coming to grips with how peace came to be.

STATUS: I want at least a few more stories in this one before it gets released.

The Bimbo Chronicles: A Submission Of One’s Own
A soon to be housewife reflects, on one of her last days of work, how she came to embrace being her husband’s ideal bimbo.

STATUS: Outlined

Domestic Doll Services: The Company Town Anthology
An anthology of stories about men who go to work in a secluded DDS “company town” where state of the art work is done from away from the public. The lure of this town is that public fetishes, and Domestic Dolls performing them, are considered normal. This is only an outline so far, but story ideas include a Domestic Doll who is always pregnant, a new advisor learning about the….product, a perfectly idealized Domestic Doll who still has to work out as if she was “out of shape,” and an odd form of insurance sales.

STATUS: Outlined

Untitled Story
I have a long outline I have been adding content to about a town and the aftermath of it being taken over by a mind controller (ala the film Perfect Little Angels…I guess?). This is going to be DARK and engage with a lot of ideas I have been tentative, but now feel ready, to write about in regards to this genre.

STATUS: Outlined

Independent Female Syndrome
After a long war that pushed women into the workforce, a new government works hard to reaffirm more traditional gender roles. This story will follow a couple as they cope with Independent Female Syndrome.

STATUS: Outlined