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Mother’s Day Coupons

Happy Mother’s Day! For the next month, take 20% off my stories that have moms in them…

The District Nine Doll Adoption Agency


In a futuristic world after a civil war crumbles the nation, the Sandersons, Brett and Missi, take a trip across their district to adopt another lifelike android Domestic Doll for their home. Mrs. Sanderson, pregnant, reminisces on their life and the choices they had to make to get to where they are at the moment.

Queen Sabina & The Kingdom Of Hershin: Definitive Edition


A chance encounter in the farmer market with Prince William changes the peasant girl Sabina’s life forever. A prophecy has stated that she is the woman William is destined to marry. Together, as King and Queen, they will rule the kingdom of Hershin. Before their wedding, Sabina is sent to a set of maidens to help change her outlook on life and prepare the peasant to be the best Queen possible for her beloved King.

This definitive edition contains the original story plus three shorts from an aborted sequel that would have been called The Loyal Subjects of Queen Sabina, which includes one that has never been published elsewhere.

Domestic Doll Services: Domestic Relations


Thomas Larmer is stressed out not only at home, with an unruly college aged daughter and self important wife, but at his job as well. After his boss tips him off to how helpful a Domestic Doll can be, things quickly improve at home.

The Doll House’s New Dolls


Since her sister Michelle had disappeared two weeks ago, Detective Lisa Jefferies had been on leave while she personally investigated what had happened to Michelle. The clues lead her to a sex trafficking case and a gentleman’s club called The Doll House, owned by the alluring Bella O’Shea. Miss O’Shea had helped with trafficking cases in the past, but all is not what it seems. The meeting between Bella and Detective Jefferies will reveal the truth about The Doll House’s new dolls.

The Romance & Submission Of Kira Wetzel


Kira Stewart was used to not being noticed. However, as she heads to university she is brainwashed by another young woman in her school. It turns out a young man at her university, part of a larger brainwashing conspiracy, has chosen her to be his loving, obedient, wife. Kira’s journey to finding her master is complicated by another young woman from her school, who grows suspicious of the changes.

The Romance & Submission Of Melissa Sanderson


Melissa has a great career and a wonderful boyfriend who is the light of her life. After years of being taunted for her curves, Brett treats her like a princess. She has learned to submit to him in all things except one: Anal sex. When she finds out the truth behind her attitude change about anal sex, she makes a decision that will change her life forever.

Mommy’s Hypno Princess


As a psychologist for troubled young women, Lucinda is used to tough cases. However, her newest case has her lost. A young woman named Katie comes into her life that is clearly in her mid-twenties, but believes she has just become an adult. She behaves in a naive manner and believes she has a “Mommy” that cares for her. Realizing this young woman has been been psychologically tortured into this state, Lucinda and a beautiful cop, who she begins to fall for, named Samantha dive into the case to find out the dark truth behind why Katie is her Mommy’s hypno princess.

Coming For Me in 2016…

I am planning an ambitious publishing schedule for 2016. I spent a lot of time in the summer and fall of 2015 writing and want to begin sharing finalized versions of these stories with my audience.

The first thing I need to discuss is a new series I am beginning called Domestic Doll Services. These stories will be similar to my “Pleasure Bunnies” stories, but taken in a bit of a different direction. I have written four of these stories and will be publishing them soon.

Some of my upcoming stories include…
Domestic Doll Services: Domestic Relations
Thomas Larmer is stressed out not only at home, with an unruly college aged daughter and self important wife, but at his job as well. After his boss tips him off to how helpful a Domestic Doll can be, things quickly improve at home.

Domestic Doll Services: Public Relations
Jacqueline Rossi thinks she has the scoop of the year when the CEO of Domestic Doll Services allows her inside their secretive corporate headquarters for an interview. When he offers to give her an exclusive tour of the facilities, Jacqueline discovers that she will never think about Domestic Doll Services in the same way ever again.

Domestic Doll Services: Product Management (excerpt previously posted)
As part of of his welcome package as a new employee of Domestic Doll Services, a man is given his own personal Domestic Doll. When he meets the Domestic Doll, ghosts from his past come up as the direction of his life forever changes.

A Trip To District Nine (aka The District Nine Slave Adoption Agency)
In a, depending on how you view it, dystopic or utopic future, The Sandersons, Melissa and Brett, live in District Nine, a northeast sector from the former United States, where traditional gender roles are strictly enforced. As Melissa prepares to give birth to their second child, the Sandersons travel into the heart of their district to acquire domestic assistants from one of the numerous women left without family or anywhere to go after the civil war which destroyed the country.

Queen Sabina Expanded Edition
This will contain Princess Sabina & The Kingdom of Hershin plus the “Queen Sabina” shorts and some unreleased material that was cut from the original version.

Love Falls Education Center
Mercedes Jaynes, fresh out of college, happily accepts a position at Love Falls Education Center. LFEC mentors unruly young women to put them back on the right track to success at life. Very quickly during her employee orientation, Ms. Jaynes finds out why they are so effective at rehabilitating these young women.

Sisterhood of the Queen
Maria Benelope is heading home in a large metropolitan city when a bomb goes off down the street from her work. In the chaos of the attack, she is whisked down an alley by two women with pixie haircuts wearing the pink headbands of the Sisterhood of the Queen, a separatist group that the state considers to be a cult. The women take her to their monastic community building. Happy to be off the streets after the attack, Maria goes with them and meets their leader. The mysterious Isleen takes an interest in Maria and offers to show her the truth about the Sisterhood of the Queen.

All of these are written already…the following stories are coming later in 2016 (aka my ambitious winter/spring writing schedule…

The Doll House’s New Dolls II: Viral Campaign
A sequel to my most popular story sees Bella O’Shea now running for mayor in her city. The local political party sends a woman, at first deeply bemused by Mrs. O’Shea’s chances, to help with her campaign, but soon Bella’s campaign involving a phone app and technology has the businesswoman leading the polls and shows how viral and addictive the campaign will be until Bella can become mayor.

A Trip To District Six
A sequel set 20 years after A Trip to District Nine. In This story Melissa Sanderson, her daughters now adults, traveling with her oldest’s best friend Karen to District Six, where traditional gender roles are enforced by law and, if needed, other means. They will be visiting a family friend of the Sandersons, but before they can arrive encounter a disruptive force that requires Melissa to make a decision about how she feels about the role of women in this new world.

Domestic Doll Services: Guilt Alleviation
Kaylie Bale is the scion of an oil company who inherits control of the company after the sudden deaths of her father and brother. Having led a private and sheltered life after a tragedy of her own, soon she uncovers the corruption and evil that generations of Bales had inflicted on the planet. Deeply guilt ridden and conflicted, she contacts Simon Ward, an equally reclusive executive at a regional branch of Domestic Doll Services. Under the guise of purchasing a few Domestic Dolls to aide her at home, she travels to him and makes an offer that will transform not only the company she has inherited, but the future of the Bale dynasty forever.

True Love (Remixed)
Untangling this story out of knot it is in with the Pleasure Bunnies universe will be a challenge, but I think I have an idea for it.

Born To Make You Happy II
As set up at the end of BTMYH, a college cheerleading camp becomes the grounds for unexplained personality and psychical changes to many of the attendees. When two freshman, best friends since birth, sign up, their destinies will fork in a remarkable way.

A Short Story Anthology
I have three other stories that are less than 5000 words (“Scratching an itch,” as I once heard fembotheather say) that I will put out together in a collection.

New Release: Domestic Doll Services: Domestic Relations (With 20% Coupon)


Domestic Doll Services: Domestic Relations
Thomas Larmer is stressed out not only at home, with an unruly college aged daughter and self important wife, but at his job as well. After his boss tips him off to how helpful a Domestic Doll can be, things quickly improve at home.

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(If you like my Pleasure Bunnie stories, I think you will like my upcoming DDS stories)