Author’s Note For Domestic Doll Services: Project Daffodil Rose

Author’s Note For Domestic Doll Services: Project Daffodil Rose

I have always wanted to write a story based around the holiday season. Domestic Doll Services: Project Daffodil Rose ended up being the perfect story for that premise. I have had an outline for this story sitting on my hard drive for many years. Originally, the file was just called GINGER and had the basic plot: Man buys some kind of brainwashed lovedoll, falls in love with it, takes place at the holidays.

The Domestic Doll Services parts came next, followed by the cameo by Kaylie from Guilt Alleviation. Next came the workplace drama parts, then the mall scenes.

The “Daffodil Rose” concept is something I would like to explore further. I like the idea of the program being a means of rebirth for someone who “failed” at life. We do not need to know why or how they failed. I love the ending.

I would love to come back to the Daffodil Rose project, but, for now, it would only be via a commission.

New Release: Domestic Doll Services-Guilt Alleviation

New Release: Domestic Doll Services-Guilt Alleviation

Kaylie Macpherson is the scion of an oil company who inherits control of the company after the sudden deaths of her father and brother. Having led a private and sheltered life, soon she uncovers the corruption and evil that generations of Macphersons inflicted on the planet. Deeply guilt ridden and conflicted, she contacts William Cullen, an equally reclusive executive of Domestic Doll Services. Under the guise of purchasing a few Domestic Dolls to aid her at home, she travels to him and makes an offer that will transform not only the company she has inherited, but the future of the Macpherson dynasty forever: Miss Macpherson wants to be converted into a Domestic Doll.

This story is now available on mcstories and read only mind.

You can read the author’s note here.

Author’s Note For Domestic Doll Services: Guilt Alleviation

Author’s Note For Domestic Doll Services: Guilt Alleviation

My original inspiration for this story was reading about the scions of industry and celebrity who had rejected their legacy. I was fascinated by the ones whom had done so due to moral reasons. The more I read about it, the more I wanted to explore the idea in a story.

This was around the time I was beginning to write the first few Domestic Doll Services stories. What if someone was so guilt ridden for the crimes their family was brought upon the world, the only way they felt they could purge these sins from themselves was through a total transformation. What if someone came to DDS and demanded to be converted into a Domestic Doll? Away I went!

I would like to continue exploring the idea of consensual brainwashing in future stories. In a world where Domestic Dolls exist, surely that is a fetish that exists.

One of my favorite scenes in this story in the laundry scene. Well, someone does have to do the laundry. The idea to test her programming came from a science fiction where a brainwashed woman was commanded to kill someone she knew (a hologram) and she did it without question.

Another favorite is the hair scene. Why did Kaylie cut her hair? Does she even know? Did she like having short hair before? Who knows. I love using that kind of thing as a means of something just how brainwashed someone is…

This story came out really fast. Every day I sat down and belted out my normal 500 words and it was very breezy to do. Kaylie will make a cameo in another DDS story coming in a few weeks.

Inspirations: Sinsub’s The Collar and Decker’s A Birthday Engagement.