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Hornet’s Nest

Hornet’s Nest by fembotheather-fembotheather’s debut story is well done and interesting. Fans of writers like thrall and trilby else will enjoy both the drone and serial recruitment aspects of this story. I really enjoyed how quickly the story moves; I love the methodical nature of many drone writer’s stories, but the brisk moving feel of this story worked very well.

The Rise Of The Cyber Queen

The Rise Of The Cyber Queen by Queen Cordelia-This is an excellent first chapter to what sounds like a very promising story. It is broken into two parts: the first involves the brainwashing and serial recruitment of a woman and, apparently, the entire female gender of Earth. It is erotic, pretty funny in a few places, and establishes that this story will be heavy on the ever popular “drone” theme in FF stories. Part two sees the protagonist’s lover, actually an alien from another planet, who argues her case for why Earth has failed as a planet.

This story is pretty political for an EMC story as well, but what I really enjoyed were the intertextual references to classical literature and science fiction. I actually “laughed out loud,” really, at the reference to something being “timey wimey,” which is from Doctor Who of course.

Queen Cordelia

Queen Cordelia by Queen Cordelia-This is an impressive debut story from a new writer who I have emailed back and forth with in the past. A disgruntled, maybe even gender queer, young woman is whisked away to the kingdom she is actually from to report on what she has seen on Earth. This story is clearly a FF one with some of the tropes of many FF EMCSA stories like drones, serial recruitment, etc. The discussion of gender and how one expresses it is something I hope that Queen Cordelia will explore further.

Story Review: Honeycomb

Honeycomb by trilby else-This story is a sequel to one of trilby else’s best stories Hive.  Like Hive, it involves a droned, although the situation turns out to be a little more complex than that, girl who is given back her old personality to serve the Hive.  I like this story a lot…anyone familiar with trilby else’s stories will know the probable endgame, but there are some curious twists that kept me guessing for most of the story.  This is easily one of his best stories.

Story Review: Love You In Latex

Love You In Latex by Captain Eazy-In a futuristic right wing utopia criminals and other unsavory people are turned into brainwashed drones. These drones serve in domestic roles for those who may afford one. That is the backdrop for this story, where the creator of the process and his soon to be former wife battle over their divorce proceedings. I thought this story was interesting for those into robots, latex, or diabolical brainwashing conspiracies. Worth looking at when you have a moment.

Story Review: The Happily

The Happily was probably my favorite story published in 2007. Ethically challenged women inadvertently turn another women into an even worse, pretty evil, lesbian Big Bad with a bit of a merciful streak at times. Cool already. I like how Eve created drones without turning to some sort of complex Sci-Fi plot device…I mean, I love Sci-Fi drone stuff but it was refreshing to see something different. The horror movie style “one by one” hunting was well done, but lacked the inevitable, exciting, thrill that other writers on the EMCSA have created. This isn’t really negative however: 8-Bit’s stories are reminding me of a kinder, cuter, Trilby Else.