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Story Review: The Happily

The Happily was probably my favorite story published in 2007. Ethically challenged women inadvertently turn another women into an even worse, pretty evil, lesbian Big Bad with a bit of a merciful streak at times. Cool already. I like how Eve created drones without turning to some sort of complex Sci-Fi plot device…I mean, I love Sci-Fi drone stuff but it was refreshing to see something different. The horror movie style “one by one” hunting was well done, but lacked the inevitable, exciting, thrill that other writers on the EMCSA have created. This isn’t really negative however: 8-Bit’s stories are reminding me of a kinder, cuter, Trilby Else.

Story Review: Mirrored In Your Eyes

thrall’s Mirrored In Your Eyes is a very engaging read. The story takes place in the future (twenty ninth century!) where D/s relationships are the norm and students are trained in both slavery and dominance for six month stints before deciding on their future. The protagonist, a slave drone, falls for her Lady and while She is a slave plots their future. Without spoilers, I am quite satisfied with the ending and level of eroticism here. The mind control is very hot and there is the right amount of sex for those who need that in a story. Great work. Perhaps a reader’s pick?