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Early Story Ideas

Something else I have been reminded me of recently is two very early, incomplete, stories that I worked on circa 1999, before I wrote my first story for the EMCSA. I’ve probably mentioned before that there was an early version of Born to Make You Happy that I more or less scrapped and rewrote completely before it was eventually published on the EMCSA. I had dinner with an old friend whom I had gone to college with a few weeks ago. She reminded me of a few 3-5 page drafts of very rough story concepts I had shown her back then. We had a few gender studies classes together and I had opened up to her about my interest in this after she’d been *rather* open about being a dominatrix.

The first story neither of us remember much about, but I remember it began *in medias res* as a young woman is dropped into a programming chamber by her twin sister, who has already been droned (I vaguelly recall wanting to explore that she had *willingly* betrayed humanity out of desperation for her own situation or something like that). The story went on from there for a few pages, but, like I said, didn’t really go anywhere.

The second one was a bit more developed and some bits and pieces ended up in True Love. This story involved a teenage dominatrix who had control of a brother and sister set. The action developed for a few pages of what I remember was some kind of praise and ritual about how good both slaves had behaved or whatever. The Domme then had another girl come to the door and then blow her slave boy. Some bits of this, especially I think dialouge, ended up in the mall scene in True Love.

There was also a reboot of True Love I began writing somewhere 2006 (I think right before I entered graduate school as I was killing time), but I have no idea where that went. I remember almost all of the action happening at a high school in some kind of underground lair or something like that. I also remember Kristen being pretty vicious.

The Pleasure Bunnies: Sunny Fellows Water Park

Now that I have a normal work and home routine, I am churning out new stories pretty quickly. Actually, Sunny Fellows Water Park is a bit older. I think I wrote a lot of this story about two years ago. I went in and cleaned it up, changed a lot of the ending, and submitted the story to the archive.

As I note in the introduction, many of the my first erotic mind control…thoughts…took place in a water park setting. I’ve always wanted to write about it, which is how this story was created. Putting it in the Pleasure Bunnies universe just seemed so obvious.

What did you think of this story?