Author’s Note For Feminine Obedience Academy: Yoshiko

Author’s Note For Feminine Obedience Academy: Yoshiko

Feminine Obedience Academy: Yoshiko was greatly inspired by this fantasy of mine where university learning for women is replaced with, well, feminine obedience training. There have been a number of great stories on mcstories over the years that have used that trope plus the never published one that Vendatrix teases us with at the end of Pleasure Crews of the Ultimate Lovedolls. The STUDENT, SERVANT, DOLL semesters were inspired by correspondence I had with a reader about what different semester would look like for a student at the Feminine Obedience Academy. I left it loose at first and then the needs of the story’s plot filled in a lot of the rest.

I brought in some of the male controllers from my Domestic Doll Services stories as well. I think I am settling on a bunch of those for purposes of continuity and consistency. There are also a handful of allusions to my District Nine Slave Adoption Agency story, which takes place in the same universe. I bet Brett, Melissa, and their daughters will make some cameos at some point.

Yoshiko has been one of my favorite protagonists over the years. She is so cheerful and passionate, yet also eager to submit and longing for control. I enjoyed writing her journey throughout the early months of 2021. Readers will meet her sister Utami in an upcoming story called Emerald’s Service that is coming soon.

The next Feminine Obedience Academy story will, as the epilogue notes, star a young woman named April and her best friend Melinda. I hear one of FOA’s professors has their eye on her…

Inspirations: thrall’s Mirrored In Your Eyes planted the seed in my mind for having different roles for each semester. Vendatrix’s Ultimate Lovedoll stories are, of course, a huge influence. trilby else’s Legacy is another academy story I reread before writing this one.

New Release: The Swift Flight & Other Erotic Science Fiction Stories

New Release: The Swift Flight & Other Erotic Science Fiction Stories

An anthology of erotic science fiction stories including the following:

The Swift Flight: Amanda Traynor is a young officer on the exploratory space ship The Swift Flight. A naughty young woman with deep daddy issues, she begins an affair with her captain, seeing him as her fantasy breadwinner. After an incident, while the crew is dying, The Swift Flight’s AI attempts to repair the crew using the imagery Amanda has created in her virtual reality fantasies in the traditional setting of Harvest Plains. (4,651 Words)

The Life Genie: A school teacher learns why another teacher who left his school to become a stay at home mother suddenly changed her attitudes about life. (1,982 Words)

Emerald’s Service: A reporter stumbles into an interstellar conspiracy that completely changes the course of her life. (1,957 Words)

Ready To Please: A young man uses VR technology to win the affection of the love of his life. (6,331 Words)

The Most Wonderful State For Females: The crew of a space ship stumbles upon a diabolical alien conspiracy to create new soldiers for a war. (2,710 Words)

The Sex Zombie Conspiracy: Aliens debate the banality of earthlings while their case study of two Earth women comes back with very sexy results. (1,977 Words)