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New Reader’s Picks

It’s time again for the yearly update to my reader’s picks page. This year I have added five stories:

Recent Reads: Agent With Immunity + Paces

Recently, I have read two stories that have impressed me a lot. Agent With Immunity is an ongoing story about a mind control detective (I guess?) who arrests mind control criminals, while taking advantage of the evildoers’ devices for his own means as well. The author has built up an interesting story world that is easy to visualize and enjoy. The story is well written with a good level of eroticism. There is plenty that could go wrong with a story like this, but so far so good. I look forward to new installments.

Paces is an older story recommended, I think, by fembotheather in the forums. This is one of trilby else’s earliest stories, but all the trademark aspects of his writing are there. There are some very interesting trance scenes and an engaging plot. A few aspects of this story are turning out to be very influential in something I am working on right now.