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The Lost True Love Reboot

At one point when I was finishing up college, this would have been around 2006, I decided to rewrite True Love as a “2.0” version of the story. The plan was to finish the original, which I did, eventually, and then post a rebooted version. I wrote about 10-15 pages of this story and it has been lost to…I’m not sure where. I am very meticulous about how I name files, but I cannot find it anywhere on any backup.

The basic premise was this: Focus the story on the high school setting. Lauren and Kristen would trigger a girl named _ (I can’t remember the name) and then try to capture Jenny. Their, uh, lair, was under the girl’s locker room in the gym.

Here’s the catch: Somewhere along the line, Kristen had become aware of her programming and “woke up” to herself. A lot of time would have been spent in flashbacks to her dealing with, and struggling, her independence and attempts to “fake” her way through still being under Lauren’s control. Eventually, all would come out and Kristen would have her vengeance.

Some ideas from this ended up in the real True Love, especially Kristen’s violent streak, but most of it would have stood alone.

Writer’s Commentary: Chapter One Of True Love

I decided it would be fun to have commentaries about my story chapters.  I hope to do one a week as time permits.  The first one is chapter one of True Love:

  • True Love wasn’t really inspired by anyone in particular or any specific event.  I liked the idea of an outcast betraying her values for popularity and adoration.  Over about a year I put together some ideas about the characters and then started to write early in 2001.  I finished the first chapter, I think, around June or so.
  • Gee, isn’t it really, really, convenient that Lauren is right there when Jenny has her fall from grace?  I never explained this very well and actually thought about retroactively adding a scene involving some sort of spying.
  • I’ve discussed this with a few other authors over the years, but boy has technology changed.  Burnt CD-R’s for subliminal messages?  These days things would be a lot more efficient.
  • I don’t like the scene where Jenny wakes up and Lauren begins to command her.  I would have done it a lot differently today and added some resistance from Jenny.
  • I also wish I had developed how superficial Lauren is.  She is just as bad as those she hates; she commands Kristen to dress Jenny rather stereotypically and I wish I had commented on this earlier in the story than I ended up doing.
  • When I first posted this story, praise came in for the bathroom scene with the lights.  It’s good, although again I wish it was a little more developed.