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The Romance & Submission Of Kira Wetzel: Deleted Scene One

Over the years, I have “deleted” a number of scenes from stories. The Romance & Submission of Kira Wetzel is the first story that I have consciously kept a good record of these scenes. Previously to this story, I have held onto to them in various draft versions, but never formally held onto them. I would like to do that more in the future.

What follows is three scenes from the story that were cut out. The first was cut because I just did not feel that good about the Julian character. Originally, I had this idea that Kira would somehow get her Master “mixed up” with someone else. Basically, she would somehow get the wrong subliminals, or something like that, and then begin obeying Julian instead of Benjamin. I wrote a scene to introduce Julian, but then lost interest in going in that direction. This would have also placed the story more clearly in the Pleasure Bunnies universe.

“Kira,” Beverly began is a sophisticated voice, “this is—”

Kira smiled as she interrupted, “Julian,” she began, hugging him gently. Beverly looked at her peculiarly. Kira elaborated for her new friend: “Julian and I went to high school together!” The handsome boy must be playing football here at Ohmsford. That made sense; the dark haired, tall, boy had been an excellent receiver during their high school days, or so she had heard in the halls.

Beverly wandered away and Julian took Kira into a quiet room so they could speak. In an unoccupied bathroom, they sat down, Julian on the floor and Kira on the toilet seat. Awkwardly, both looked down at the floor before breaking out laughing.

“So,” Julian began, running a hand over his neck, “they picked you did they?”

Kira nodded.

“Deanna approached me at a graduation party. Everything changed so quickly, but I am happy.” She looked down at the floor, suddenly nervous about talking to someone from her past life about her current situation. “Who did you pick?” Kira found it easier to deflect the conversation away from herself. That was something which certainly had not changed from her past life.

“Well,” Julian began, kind of laughing a little. Kira smiled. He was cute; she’d never noticed that before. “I actually haven’t picked one yet. I am going to wait until the right girl comes along. I’m in no hurry.”

Kira bit her lip gently. “Mine is a senior. He has waited four years for the right girl.” She paused for a moment. “Apparently, that is me.” Again, she paused, but looked up at Julian from the hole she was burrowing in the floor with her eyes. “I should feel good about that, right? I mean, I am *programmed* to do so, but I still have this weird hesitation.”

“Who picked you?” Julian was now extremely curious at who had picked this fascinatingly thoughtful girl to be his property, and yet kept her the way she’d always been. He’d always thought Kira was a bright girl.

“Benjamin, he is the kicker on the team.” Kira suddenly realized this was the first time she had said his name aloud like that.

“Oh yeah, Benjamin,” Julian began, “I met him this morning for the first time. He’s really quiet.” He grazed a few fingers against Kira’s left hand. “You’re perfect for each other. And, hey, he is going to play professional football. I heard that a lot of pro teams are scouting him.”

“Yes, he is currently looking at being a second or third round draft pick, but could slip up into the bottom of the first round.” Kira smiled. “He’s really good…” She blinked a few times and laughed at herself. “I can’t believe I know stuff about football.”

Julian laughed too, but then got quiet. “Strange summer, right?”


Suddenly, Julian sat up. “Well, we should get back out there. I don’t want anyone to think any unseemly of you.”

“I’m sure there are plenty of unclaimed girls waiting for you too.” Kira raised her eyebrows at him.

The two friends hugged again. “We’ll talk soon,” Julian quietly stated.

“Yes, Sir.” Kira automatically replied. This time, both of them raised their eyebrows. With that, Julian left to get laid and Kira to find the love of her life.