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The newest chapter of Outcall is very impressive. trilby else has, as usual, created a world filled with brainwashing twists and turns, this time involving mind controlled sex workers. There are some really erotic sections and well done mind control sequences. This one will make my reader’s picks the next time I update it (normally during the holidays).

Change Of Plans: True Love 4th Wall Chapter

A few weeks back, a reader commented that one of my stories was harder to follow due to the long breaks between chapters. This is a great concern for me; now that graduate school is almost over I will have a lot more time to write. At one point, when I started wrapping up True Love (when I wrote again, someone reviewed it by beginning “from the mists of time…”) I was going to have a short chapter where Kristen and Celia actually did a somewhat 4th wall breaking recap of previous events.

This seemed like a fun idea, but I ended up getting rid of it because I wanted to wrap up the story and not prolong it any further. I don’t see the big deal about readers having to go back and read, or reread, older chapters, I just did it with trilby else’s Outcall, but I understand other readers don’t have that kind of patience or time.

Story Review: Outcall

Outcall by Trilby Else-I have to say it is one of the best stories I have read in awhile. I have faith in Trilby Else being able to come up with more interesting twists and turns as the story goes on. In this one a prostitute goes to a shy, kind of dorky, young woman’s home to role play hypnosis with her. If you’ve read any of Trilby’s stories before, what happens next is probably pretty clear. A very erotic and engaging story. It seems to be stuck at chapter five, but Trilby often comes back to stories later and continues them.