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New 20% Coupon

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Lucinda is used to tough cases. However, her newest case has her lost. A young woman named Katie comes into her life that is clearly in her mid-twenties, but believes she has just become an adult. Realizing this young woman has been psychologically tortured into this state, Lucinda and a beautiful cop, who she begins to fall for, named Samantha dive into the case to find out the dark truth.

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I also just sent an exclusive 50% off coupon for one of my stories to Patrons, but you have to be on my Patreon to get that one 🙂

New Domain

One of my Patreon goals was reached last month, which triggered purchasing a domain instead of just having a wordpress.com blog. I have bought https://barbararwetzel.blog and transferred my blog to this new domain. I have not made many design changes yet, but will soon. Old bookmarks should redirect to it, but RSS might need to be updated.

Thank you to my Patrons. You can join me on Patreon by clicking the link to the right.



Take 20% Off The Ballad Of Becky D’Arcy For The Next Month

I am publicizing two Smashwords coupons a month via my Patreon. The first will be public for all, but the other will be exclusive to Patrons. The public coupon is for my story Domestic Doll Services: The Ballad Of Becky D’Arcy. Here is a synopsis: Domestic Doll Becky D’Arcy had been down on her luck. Will a buyer ever purchase her? No one seems to want her beyond random sexual service. Follow a day into the beautiful blonde’s life as she tries to find an owner.

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My second coupon each month is a Patron exclusive. You can unlock them for as little as $1 per month by becoming a Patron of my writing.

My Patreon

I have exciting news! I now have a Patreon! There are a number of great rewards I am offering. The top tier is already sold out, which is so exciting. Both patrons have really interesting ideas for stories that I am going to begin outlining this weekend. Please consider becoming a patron to support my work.