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Romban Guest

The Romban Guest? by Handcuffgirl-This is a great story that I remember loving when it was first published back in 2006. I had this story listed under my reader’s picks when it first was published, but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore for some reason. I will rectify that soon.

A female notstarfleetorthecolonialfleetweswear officer is captured after her ship is obliterated. Gradually, she is reprogrammed into a slave for one of the female officers on the ship. I loved the gradual transformation of the protagonist and the formal D/s language. The emphasis on exercise reminds me of some of Vendatrix’s stories (I have used it in my own as well).

My only problem is I don’t like words like “tits” and “pussy,” but I understand why others do enjoy it. I just find those words crude.

Overall, this is a great story I will get back onto my RP page soon.

Story Review: Rogue State

Rogue State by Wm. Franklin Summers-I love a diabolical brainwashing scheme as much as the next person and this story has shown some potential. I like the clearly doomed protagonist and am curious as to where her controller will take her. The amount of plot exposition is great, but I do long for some more action. As a few people noted on the forums, however, making women obedient via horniess is something I am not super into.

Reader’s Pick: Bimbo Class

Bimbo Class by Riteguy-I think this was the first story I ever read on here. Most bimbo/airhead stories turn me off immediately; the gross stench of misogyny and the author’s own issues with women usually shine right through and make me uncomfortable. This one is not long enough to offend too much and gets to the point quick enough to be well done and exciting. Another reader notes that this is “the” bimbo story on here and I really cannot dispute that. While this is not one of my favorites anymore I have to give it props for helping to propel me into the archive.

Character Inspiration: Sarah Collins

Sarah Collins was not really based on anyone real, although a co-worker from my teen years did inspire her visually somewhat.  I despise the “retro” fetishizing of homemakers and supposed old timey values that only sort of existed outside of misogynist’s dreams.  That said, the docile, eager to please, housewife is quite an attractive character type when done well.  It would figure, I thought, that Lauren would think the best way to fix her alcoholic, out of control, mother would be to have her brainwashed into mindless docility.  The character became, for me, more a comment on Lauren’s immaturity than anything else.  True Love wouldn’t be the same without Sarah and I expect her to show up in the Pleasure Bunnie universe rather soon.

Story Review: Just Do Me

Over the past few weeks I have been enjoying Captain Eazy’s Just Do Me. Someone over on the MCForum mentioned that this story was similar in style to Vendatrix’s classic stories about The Ultimate Lovedolls. I have to say I agree with this assessment and especially see a similarity to Pleasure Crews Of The Ultimate Lovedolls. I found the preference for short haired, “boyish,” hair on the women to be quite a nice surprise as well.

One pet peeve: I HATE the recent trend on the EMCSA for women to be trained to call their breasts “titties” or other words in the same vein. I understand some people find that sort of degrading humiliation to be quite hot, but it just annoys me.

Nevertheless, this is a great story and worth your reading if you enjoy stories like the ones Vendatrix and others like him write.