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Preorder: Princess Sabina & The Kingdom Of Hershin

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Princess Sabina & The Kingdom Of Hershin

A chance encounter in the farmer market’s with Prince William changes the peasant girl Sabina’s life forever. A prophecy has stated that she is the woman William is destined to marry. Together, as King and Queen, they will rule the kingdom of Hershin. Before their wedding, Sabina is sent to a set of maidens that give her magical bracelets that help change her outlook on life and prepare her to be the best Queen possible for her beloved King.

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The Loyal Subjects Of Queen Sabina of Hershin

Last month, I posted a sequel to Princess Sabina and The Kingdom of Hershin titled The Loyal Subjects Of Queen Sabina Of Hershin. These brief stories focus on Sabina herself in a very dominant, or sort of not, role. They were both odds and ends leftover from the first story.

I am not sure what else I can do with that story universe. Any ideas?

Final Chapter of Princess Sabina

The final chapter of Princess Sabina & The Kingdom of Hershin is now online.

That’s going to be it for me for a little while now that I am caught up on my stories. I have ideas for another Pleasure Bunnies story, but the outline needs a LOT of work. There are two other ideas bouncing around in my head as well. I have a lot of real life responsibilities for the rest of fall term, so I might not be able to write for a little bit. However, over winter break I should have more time.

What did you think of Princess Sabina?

Pleasure Bunnies Final Chapter

The final chapter of A Few Short Stories About The Pleasure Bunnies is now in the archive. I am pleased with the results, but also glad to be done with the story. In the final few chapters, I set up where the next story in this series could go. However, right now I am working on finishing up Princess Sabina and then will be taking some time off from writing most likely, depending on a few circumstances involving my current teaching position. We’ll see.

New Chapter Of Princess Sabina

So, I sent in chapter four to Simon for this week’s update. I ended up having about 6000 words written, so I split in into sections and the first one became chapter four. Which means another chapter, at least, should be coming soon.

I am considering working on the next chapter of Born To Make You Happy. I like the idea of rotating back and forth between incomplete stories.