573 Words From Draft Of My New Story “Product Management”

573 Words From Draft Of My New Story “Product Management”

Apologies for typos, etc, this is from the first draft, which is about 4,500 words so far.

Product Management
Melissa Adams kicked and screamed out at her captors as she was held down in the chair. “Fuck you! Let me go!” Her screams were silenced momentarily by clasps coming out of the chair to hold down her arms and legs in place. A similarly steel piece came snug around her neck as well like a bondage collar.

The dark haired woman froze in place, tried to fight the steel, but then froze again as the shock of her situation came to her. She had been kidnapped off the street, taken into a van after leaving a meeting of a local protest group. She had just moved to the town and had been trying to get more involved with activism as she neared her twenty second birthday. She turned down a street and had been grabbed and brought into the van.

Suddenly a memory came to her. In the haze of her drugging, she had forgotten a young woman had followed her out, saying she was heading towards where Melissa lived and knew a short cut. After being drugged, she had called out to the pixie haired redhead, who had just stared at her blanky, a gentle smile on her face.

Before she could continue this line of thought, man came into the room. “Hello, Melissa.” He was dark haired and wearing a sweater vest, tie, and very expensive looking executive pants.

Melissa stared at him for a minute. “Marcus?” She knew this man from high school. Her large chest heaved up and down with her heavy, excited, breathing. Why was he here?

Marcus nodded. “Yes, dear. I guess I have not seen you since graduation? Well, you went off to college, but I did not. My parents did not have the money, but I continued to tinker with computers and ended up founding a company after coming up with a pretty, if I do say so myself, innovation in…well, we call it “Product Management.”

He nodded to someone outside of Melissa’s quite narrowed view. The way the steel collar kept her head in place, she could only see Marcus. “I have brought you here today because you are going to be my company’s next product. See you in a few days.”

Before Melissa could even respond, a steel tube came down and setted over her head. She struggled, screaming and cursing for a few minutes. As the minutes went on however, her struggles slowed down and eventually ceased until she was quite still in place as her brainwashing began.


That was when he noticed someone was in the living room. “Hello,” he called out but did not receive an answer. Matthew went out into the living room and was slightly taken back by the woman standing before. The voluptuous, chubby, bottle blonde wore a highly sexualized purple maid uniform, white stockings, and black pumps. She stood at attention, eyes distant, with a duster in one manicured hand.

Matthew realized after a moment that his “hello” had accidentally instructed her to stand at attention and wait for command. He walked around the busty maid a few times. She was stunning with small pink lips and dark green eyes. She looked a lot like that girl from—

“Melissa,” he whispered quietly. Suddenly the maid came to life and curtsied very low, showing off a mile of cleavage, and spoke in a gentle, submissive, tone. “Master, how will Missi obey?”