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Chapter Four of The Romance & Submission of Kira Wetzel

The fourth and penultimate chapter of The Romance & Submission of Kira Wetzel is now in the archive. I had expected to have this chapter ready for the previous weekend, but I ended up rewriting a portion of it after struggling with the Robyn character a bit. I reached out to EMSCA writer and good friend of mine Queen Cordelia for a consult (I’m really, really, unsure who is the Wilson to the other’s House there) on some scenes in this and the final chapter, which should be in the archive by the time you read this hopefully.

The final chapter will also contain a deleted scene and an author’s note about some of the process I went through while writing this story. As I begin to prep my eventual EMC ebook, I am beginning to think about these concerns a lot.

New Reader’s Picks

It’s time again for the yearly update to my reader’s picks page. This year I have added five stories:

The Rise Of The Cyber Queen

The Rise Of The Cyber Queen by Queen Cordelia-This is an excellent first chapter to what sounds like a very promising story. It is broken into two parts: the first involves the brainwashing and serial recruitment of a woman and, apparently, the entire female gender of Earth. It is erotic, pretty funny in a few places, and establishes that this story will be heavy on the ever popular “drone” theme in FF stories. Part two sees the protagonist’s lover, actually an alien from another planet, who argues her case for why Earth has failed as a planet.

This story is pretty political for an EMC story as well, but what I really enjoyed were the intertextual references to classical literature and science fiction. I actually “laughed out loud,” really, at the reference to something being “timey wimey,” which is from Doctor Who of course.

Queen Cordelia

Queen Cordelia by Queen Cordelia-This is an impressive debut story from a new writer who I have emailed back and forth with in the past. A disgruntled, maybe even gender queer, young woman is whisked away to the kingdom she is actually from to report on what she has seen on Earth. This story is clearly a FF one with some of the tropes of many FF EMCSA stories like drones, serial recruitment, etc. The discussion of gender and how one expresses it is something I hope that Queen Cordelia will explore further.