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Reader’s Pick: Buy One, Get One

Buy One, Get One by Born Blitzed-I liked this one so much I forgot to send feedback for it until a year later! No really, my notes sat on my desk for that long. Uh, anyway, I love the details in this story. The little things count: the cameras and such. The concept of having a “sale” on slaves is a very interesting one. Eventually you might have to have one I guess? As I have said before, my favorite stories are those, like this one, where there is a grand scheme to reprogram and enslave for sale. As noted in my emails with the author, there is a definite “Spy v Spy” theme going on in this one too. Great work.

Reader’s Pick: A Birthday Engagement

A Birthday Engagement by Decker:This is an excellent story. I love the exposition that sets up her tale. She is your average college girl; pretty, good grades, hard studier. She especially works hard in class, hyper focused by her Master to do well. That is pretty hot. The story goes on and eventually our protagonist is returned to her former self. A frank discussion of sexual abuse and other things follows, which is handled very well. I am very impressed by this story. It does move a little too quickly at times, but that is made up for by an excellent plot and even better exposition. In a perfect world I would like this story to be fifty pages instead of seventeen, but it is so good that this isn’t a problem at all. Great stuff and highly recommended.

Reader’s Pick: Bimbo Class

Bimbo Class by Riteguy-I think this was the first story I ever read on here. Most bimbo/airhead stories turn me off immediately; the gross stench of misogyny and the author’s own issues with women usually shine right through and make me uncomfortable. This one is not long enough to offend too much and gets to the point quick enough to be well done and exciting. Another reader notes that this is “the” bimbo story on here and I really cannot dispute that. While this is not one of my favorites anymore I have to give it props for helping to propel me into the archive.

Reader’s Pick: Beauty Contest

Beauty Contest by robotdoll-This was one of the first stories I read on the EMCSA and I still like it. Short, to the point, and pretty hot. This was the kind of thing I would have fantasized about in my younger years. Ideally I would like it to have been a little longer but, years later, that isn’t a big deal for me. Like another reader notes, the vivid attention to detail in this story, while not a huge issue, leaves a lot of good stuff for the imagination.

Reader’s Pick: Assert Yourself

Assert Yourself by Decker-This is a pretty unique, positive story where the protagonist is retrained using subliminals to get out of the rut here life was in. I think, at the end of the day, she might be in the control of someone else (see the last scene) but that is just a footnote. This is further proof you don’t need a ton of sex to write a great story.

Reader’s Pick: The Adventures Of Rania

Adventures of Rania by Julien SorelRania is a unique and very interesting story. This story has a neat premise: a modern day Arab princess is taken and brainwashed into a mindless sex toy. The plot might seem mundane, but Rania is exceptionally written. There are some great plot points here: Rania’s relationship with her brother, her former suitor, and his lover. That is only the beginning of her journey. In later chapters Rania’s journey has gone from person to person. I love this kind of story telling and being able to observe from afar the journey of an object or person over time. Rania’s disgust and eventual resignation to her fate is very well done in the final chapter.