Author’s Note For Ready To Please

Author’s Note For Ready To Please

Ready To Please came out of my desire to explore virtual reality as a means for brainwashing and that the actions within a VR setting could affect someone in real life too. I am fond of the “male protagonist loves his friends, doesn’t want to harm her, but…” premise and Grace was a lovely version of the tamed female love.

I introduced her friends, wrote more, and then realized I had to do something with them. Readers can decide how they feel about this, but I rather impulsively turned one into a drone and the other into the third in their relationship in a very protected manner. I think that is rather sweet.

This story was originally written in the first-person for an anthology. This is why the story is fairly brief in nature. I will post that version at some point in the future, but this is the rewritten and more true to how I generally write third-person version.

Coming For Me In 2018

Coming For Me In 2018

Here is a rough sketch of what I will be writing in 2018…

Domestic Doll Services: The Billionaire & The Bimbos

After two divorces, an eccentric billionaire becomes bored with his vapid pop star girlfriend and, with the help of Domestic Doll Services, turns his eyes towards her college activist daughter.

Marissa Holgate and the Shiny Leggings Conspiracy (Tentative Title)

A studious young woman begins to drift away from her more vapid friends during the first few weeks of college, but begins to notice they are behaving oddly since changing majors to take classes under a computer science professor. This odd behavior includes an obsession with wearing shiny leggings.

Pregnancy Patron Anthology

One of my lovely Patrons has had me writing pregnancy fetish stories for awhile. I would love to reedit them and publish an anthology.

Love Falls Reform Academy

A sequel to Love Falls Education Foundation. Love Falls is a town where women learn “how to succeed as a woman in modern society.” This success comes from submission to men. Love Falls Reform Academy follows a law student, suspicious of what goes on in Love Falls, who goes undercover as a criminal seeking reformation. She finds reformation and just how “successful” women in Love Falls can become in modern society. This story will also include the short “Love Falls Rejuvenation Spa” a a bonus. This story will be out soon.

Ready To Please

A redo of the story in the Swift Flight anthology from a third person perspective. I am working on this a little each day (it’s a bit difficult to swap perspectives turns out!) and should have it out sometime in the spring.

The College Homecoming Pin Conspiracy

I had an idea a long time that I would like to finally explore this year: A young man, fairly average, is walking towards his university library when a gorgeous coed from one of his classes comes racing up to him. She keeps looking over her shoulder and says “You’ll do!” as a couple of frat boys come racing towards her. “Pin me!” she says, holding up a rose pin. He hesitates, but she grabs his hand and uses it to pin her. “Fine, you fucking slut,” the young men yell as they walk away. The young woman throws herself into the young man’s arms and calls him Master.


Meanwhile, a couple is preparing for homecoming, which they don’t realize is when the university mind controls young women to be obedient girlfriends/wives/whatever. Boy pins girl, she, normally very dry and sarcastic, becomes all swoony and hyper feminine. He figures out what is happening and tries to get to the bottom of it with her help, as good as she can. These might be two stories though for a series?

An Anal Princess

A very old story of mine I want to do a new edit of, but take it in a bit of a darker direction. Stay tuned.

Independent Female Syndrome II

After a glorious revolution that overthrows a dictator, both men and women are offered free, but mandatory, therapy sessions to help with the stresses of war. But also, spoiler alert, brainwash them into traditional gender roles.

Untitled Story

In the “near future,” “fiancée training” has become the norm. Celebrities do it! Politicians do it! Thinkpiecers have even proclaimed it “feminist,” somehow, in that way thinkpiecers can proclaim any random thing “feminist” if they wish. The story will follow a fiancée and other women as they go through retraining. One of them has a good, caring, future husband, who will not abuse his powers. The other, uh, does not.


I have an idea for a non EMC story about a couple who reunite after 20 years and explore “what could have been?” I’d like to do a few non EMC stories at some point.

New Release: The Swift Flight & Other Erotic Science Fiction Stories

New Release: The Swift Flight & Other Erotic Science Fiction Stories

An anthology of erotic science fiction stories including the following:

The Swift Flight: Amanda Traynor is a young officer on the exploratory space ship The Swift Flight. A naughty young woman with deep daddy issues, she begins an affair with her captain, seeing him as her fantasy breadwinner. After an incident, while the crew is dying, The Swift Flight’s AI attempts to repair the crew using the imagery Amanda has created in her virtual reality fantasies in the traditional setting of Harvest Plains. (4,651 Words)

The Life Genie: A school teacher learns why another teacher who left his school to become a stay at home mother suddenly changed her attitudes about life. (1,982 Words)

Emerald’s Service: A reporter stumbles into an interstellar conspiracy that completely changes the course of her life. (1,957 Words)

Ready To Please: A young man uses VR technology to win the affection of the love of his life. (6,331 Words)

The Most Wonderful State For Females: The crew of a space ship stumbles upon a diabolical alien conspiracy to create new soldiers for a war. (2,710 Words)

The Sex Zombie Conspiracy: Aliens debate the banality of earthlings while their case study of two Earth women comes back with very sexy results. (1,977 Words)