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Wonder Woman & The Mind Maiden

This was another one the MCForum found for me. I remember a lot more about this one, but I also remember bits and pieces of it I must have dreamed up. I definitely remember the dinner table scene and Wonder Woman and the girl Wonder Twin approaching the Mind Maiden, but I also remembered more of a Female Dominant approach to this and less a hysterical, shrieking, Mind Maiden. The voice acting makes the idea of a dominant woman sound ridiculous. Who knows if it was intentional.

A lot of this story happens so quickly and makes little sense. Alas, that was the norm for many of the Super Friends incarnations.

Cybron & My Childhood Mind Control Memories

I was beginning to think I dreamt this one up, but the MCForum has proven it existed. As a kid, circa the late eighties, I have a vague memory of an episode of the late 1980’s Superman series involving the citizens of Metropolis being turned into robots. At the end, Superman saves the day, but, during his fight with Cybron, his identity is revealed. Before he returns Lois Lane to human form, this is the part I really remember, he programs her to forget his secret identity. What a dick!

Seeing the entire episode now, three thoughts come to mind. This episode is horrible. Second, I thought the end scene was a bit longer, with Superman having to actually program a still robotized Lois. Her having been converted to part human about midway through the episode was a surprise to me. This leads to my final thought: I must have only caught the last few minutes of this episode when it aired. I bet if I looked up the TV listings for that morning, I was tuning in for something else afterwards.