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2011 In Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,000 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

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True Colors

True Colors by Jukebox-A nice serial recruitment story with an interesting twist: a series of triggers, and triggers of triggers, cause loyalties to change very quickly.  A lot of the action happens off screen and the main Mistress is very mysterious and might even be programmed by another higher up the chain.  This was a good story worth reading, perhaps a few times to pick out some of the finer points.

Hornet’s Nest

Hornet’s Nest by fembotheather-fembotheather’s debut story is well done and interesting. Fans of writers like thrall and trilby else will enjoy both the drone and serial recruitment aspects of this story. I really enjoyed how quickly the story moves; I love the methodical nature of many drone writer’s stories, but the brisk moving feel of this story worked very well.


Bite by Chew Toy-This story is a great example of plot and characterization being more essential to a story than the eroticism.  The characters are interesting and developed, making me wish to know more about their fates.  Fans of serial recruitment will enjoy this story, which makes high school recruiting seem almost fun.  The main protagonist vampire is rather ambiguously written, which adds more mystery to the story.  There are some faults with the story, but I think they can generally be overlooked.  Not quite a reader’s pick, but very well done.

Dollhouse (Again)

  • As someone mentioned in the MC Forum, Miracle Laurie (November) is an amazing actor.  She really sells “brainwashed” in a way that makes her seem equal parts docile and also eager to please.  If Dollhouse gets canned, someone needs to add her to their show immediately.
  • This week’s episode was the strongest one yet.  Without spoiling, a lot of it seemed to be ripped right out of an EMC story.  I saw elements of Vendatrix (the reprogrammed Active who has already been snared), Trilby Else (generally the idea that they won’t escape/are being watched seems to be a theme he goes back to) and one of my favorite stories My Girl Imogen, which seems more and more to have been a EMCSA precursor to this show.

The Rise Of The Cyber Queen

The Rise Of The Cyber Queen by Queen Cordelia-This is an excellent first chapter to what sounds like a very promising story. It is broken into two parts: the first involves the brainwashing and serial recruitment of a woman and, apparently, the entire female gender of Earth. It is erotic, pretty funny in a few places, and establishes that this story will be heavy on the ever popular “drone” theme in FF stories. Part two sees the protagonist’s lover, actually an alien from another planet, who argues her case for why Earth has failed as a planet.

This story is pretty political for an EMC story as well, but what I really enjoyed were the intertextual references to classical literature and science fiction. I actually “laughed out loud,” really, at the reference to something being “timey wimey,” which is from Doctor Who of course.

Queen Cordelia

Queen Cordelia by Queen Cordelia-This is an impressive debut story from a new writer who I have emailed back and forth with in the past. A disgruntled, maybe even gender queer, young woman is whisked away to the kingdom she is actually from to report on what she has seen on Earth. This story is clearly a FF one with some of the tropes of many FF EMCSA stories like drones, serial recruitment, etc. The discussion of gender and how one expresses it is something I hope that Queen Cordelia will explore further.