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Currently Writing

Right now I have a few writing projects going on.

My real life focus is currently on finishing my MA thesis before the middle of December. My goal is approximately fifty pages or so…right now I am at twenty five so I am getting there.

As for EMC, a new chapter of A Few Short Stories About The Pleasure Bunnies is almost done. I actually wrote a draft of it over the summer but when I read it back I decided to scrap it and do a complete rewrite from that draft. So far I am very happy with it and really becoming immersed in the universe. Sometimes I worry if it becomes too intertextual between other stories in this universe but I know as a reader I would love that so I don’t worry too much. Expect this chapter to be submitted to Simon by the end of the month hopefully.

This Week’s Reads

Simon is taking the week off for a well deserved break from updating the archive. I am going to try to catch up on the last month or so on Tuesday night when I get home from class.

I am also finishing up the revisions on chapter one of my old story Anal Princesses. So far, I like what I have done but I am going to spend some time with it this week before sending it off to Simon.

Reader’s Pick: Command & Control

Command & Control by Simon Bar Sinister-While on the surface an amusing Star Trek tribute, has a lot of the qualities I look for in a story: a good plot, sexy female slaves, and a little bit of humor. The reader knows that Christine is probably doomed. There is not as much of a cloud of doom as there is in one of Trilby Else’s stories, but the reader can tell what is going to happen. I like a surprise, an unexpected twist here and there, but sometimes it is nice to know what is going to happen. A lot of the fun is that knowledge, and Simon is a pro at writing like that.