Author’s Note For Domestic Doll Services: Domestic Relations

Author’s Note For Domestic Doll Services: Domestic Relations

This was the first Domestic Doll Services story that I wrote when I conceived the premise of DDS back in the summer of 2015. I think my number one fetish is “diabolical mind control conspiracy” and I have always loved stories in the archive that focused on that, but also “hive” stories too.

Around that time there were a few television series that did episodes, or their entire premise was about, robot, life-like, servants for domestic or sexual relations. The introduction to this story was heavily influenced by the initial premise of one of them.

My husband and I also did a rewatch of Star Trek TOS that summer. At dinnertime we would watch one episode per night, which took us through the entire summer. A few episodes were very influential in my initial ideas for DDS including “Dagger of the Mind;” “I, Mudd;” and “What Are Little Girls Made Of.” I took a lot of notes from them and then began taking plot ideas I had kept in various notebooks and put them together into outlines.

This story came out of a few of those. The first being a sex worker is reprogrammed into a mindless slave. The second being a man is fed up with his career focused wife and uppity daughter until they are brought under control. I merged those two ideas together and you get this story!

This story is much more science fiction based than other DDS stories. The arm pinchers Domestic Dolls have to program women was something I dropped more or less after this story. There is an obvious influence there, but my inspiration actually came from a cartoon that scared the hell out of me as a kid called The Inhumanoids. The way they use their claws to “turn” humans really disturbed me as a kid.