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New Release: Space Academy Bimbofication Conspiracy

When Timothy Larmer returns from vacation to the planet his space academy is on, he immediately notices some odd changes around him. Men seem more authoritative, and women seem more submissive. Soon many are wearing fetishistic outfits. Upon arriving at his apartment, he finds his best friend Missy kneeling, naked, waiting for his command. Join Timothy as he unravels the space academy bimbofication conspiracy.

This story is also available via Kindle Unlimited.

Weekly Update 7-8-21

This week I wrote 2,184 words for an unfinished story called The Space Academy Bimbofication Conspiracy. I forget what this was called previously, but it is a combination of three different unfinished stories that I merged together into one plot. It has another 5,000 to 10,000 words left to go most likely with an epilogue to tease a sequel.

A further update will be going out to Patrons with details about upcoming books from me.